Insomnia should be treated

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We are used to treat insomnia safely, take it as something unpleasant, but not particularly serious. For example, like dandruff: visible on clothing, appearance spoils, but that's not a reason to take immediate action and run to the doctor!

Our people prefer to deal with insomnia on their own. Some buy sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications. Others, after watching advertisements, taking dietary supplements. Someone on the principle of OBS (one grandmother said) experienced by traditional recipes, and someone rearranges the furniture in the bedroom on the principles of feng shui.

Dream and mind

What is insomnia and where does it come from? How do I deal with this scourge? Such questions asked by those who have sleep disturbances knows firsthand. But to answer them, unfortunately, can only be experienced doctors.

The first thing you need to know about sleep disorders, is that sleep is a "mirror" of mental health. Insomnia and nightmares, our brain sends a signal for help: "Help! I feel bad! Pay attention to me! ".

The main causes of sleep disorders are:

-mental stress (stress, stressful situations);

-DC stimulated night vigil (night work, frequenting nightclubs);

-jet lag;

-drug use and drug use;

-abuse of tranquilizers, sleeping pills;

-physiological predisposition (individual characteristics of the nervous system)

-neuroses, depression, the effects of traumatic brain injury, alcoholism and intoxication;

—         violation CNS blood flow, changes in intracranial pressure.

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Each of us in the course of his life he spent a sleepless night, and not once had difficulty in falling asleep. As long as these cases are rare — it's OK. Occasionally encountered problems with sleep, saying only that the brain is overtired during the day. With strong mental and emotional overload a person can not sleep from 1 to 3 days, after which his own dream recovers.

But if the difficulties in falling asleep and sleepless nights are repeated at least once a week, or are features associated with some event or condition of the body (for example, in women during menstruation) — it is an occasion to reflect on their health, but about the state of the brain brain. What is happening to him at the time of our night of torment in the body?

For normal operation of the brain needs rest for a day of information processing, a biological time — the night: from 09.10 pm to 06.05 am. However, since brain overloaded, he provokes sleep disorders, is not able to recover and overworked even more. A vicious circle is closed, resulting in nerve cells begin to occur various metabolic disorders.

Even recurring insomnia can lead to the development of chronic insomnia, and later to more serious mental health problems. For example, insomnia can cause if not, then certainly exacerbate asthenic condition, mental depression and anxiety disorders (including panic attacks). If a person has a predisposition to mental disorders, and it happens quite often, sleep disorders increase the likelihood that these disorders worsen and begin to make progress, there will be more unpleasant symptoms that can drastically reduce the quality of life.

In order not to count sheep

While sleep disorders do not go too far, you can try to deal with them yourself. To do this, sometimes it is enough to adjust the mode of the day (work and leisure time) to completely eliminate alcohol intake (and other stimulant drugs, psychoactive drugs) to enter into the habit of evening stroll, for example, before going to bed for a walk in the park, to increase physical activity (eg, in the form of evening or morning run) go on a healthy diet (eat more vegetables, fruits and herbs). Generally, for minor violations of the brain and in the early days of sleep disorders, this helps very well.

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But what about those who are permanently and irreversibly "trapped" Insomnia? As already mentioned, in the early stages of sleep disorders you can try yourself to solve the problem, but we should not resort to self-medication, take the medication without a doctor's prescription. This may aggravate the situation and cause drug dependence. Even if at first there is a feeling that health has improved and life is getting better, the problem still remains unsolved. Moreover, inadequate methods of dealing with insomnia can translate it into a chronic form. At the first opportunity, the disease comes back, and its treatment will be much more difficult and lengthy because there will be more profound failures in the brain and this could give a boost to the development of other mental disorders.

Where do I contact if you tortured insomnia?Of course, to the doctor. Which is it? Disorders of brain functions involved psychiatrist, psychotherapist (in medical nomenclature — psychotherapist). Only the specialist will be able to correctly understand the true causes of sleep disorders and adequate therapy.

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