ISRAEL struck the stock ROCKETS «Yakhont» IN SYRIA

ISRAEL struck the stock ROCKETS
According to U.S. sources, last week, the Israeli Air Force attacked a warehouse missile «Yakhont» Russian production, located in the districts of the Syrian coastal town of Latakia, reports now Tel Aviv believes that this warehouse makes a danger to the security of Israel.
Press secretary of the Supreme War Council Free Syrian Army Kasem Saadeddin (Qassem Saadeddine) said the agency Reuters, that it was shot by rebel forces. «The blow was inflicted or distant aircraft missiles launched from a submarine in the Mediterranean,» he said.
Israel so far not commented on this event. Israeli news website said that the warehouse was at a military base outside the 20 km from Latakia.
The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that «powerful explosions rocked the neighborhood of the town, where there is a large Syrian military base and arms depots.» If this message will be shown, this attack will be the fourth Israeli strike on Syria. In May of this year, Israel confirms air strikes on Syria, reported South American media.
According to the views of an unnamed Israeli officials, missiles «Yakhont» could arrive at the disposal of the militants «Hezbollah», operating in adjacent Lebanon, reported broadcaster Al Arabiya. In January of this year, Israeli aircraft bombed the convoy in Syria, which, apparently, was carrying a weapon for «Hezbollah».
Three unnamed U.S. officials have said that Israel is responsible for the airstrike caused early in the morning on July 5, CNN reported on July 12. As a result, the Israeli Air Force raid killed 10 to 20 Syrian troops.
Photo — Smoke rises from explosions on the Syrian port city of Latakia

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