Jamal: go to support the convergence of


High-voltage line of 220 kV soon Salehard connect to the centralized power grid and provide reliable electricity Yamal capital. In addition, through the mast will support and fiber optic cable connection. This is in relation to other development projects fiber optic lines, promises a long-awaited Internet Salekhard abundance.

A few kilometers south of the highway Salekhard Aksarka on clearing, covered with snow in the forest-tundra are hard at work, and until recently hosted a snowstorm yes deer.
The main purpose of building — to ensure energonadezhnost. Pipeline that fuel comes from Longyugana in the western part of the county, can not guarantee trouble free filing. In the case of even a short-term failure of the gas pipeline will have gas power plants in Salekhard, Labytnangi Kharp off or transfer of diesel fuel, if it is technologically possible. Not much help and TPP "Polar" …

Head of the western section of Alexander Leszczynski (LLC "GC EFESk" serving the general contractor at the "TyumenEnergo") — Under my command employs more than 100 people from all over Russia, dozens of nationalities and more than 60 pieces of equipment, — he says. — The length of an object 77 kilometers from Salekhard. Next is the contractor "Ural Mekhkolonna", they build power lines from the fitting parts (840th supports) to Nadym.

Alexander Z. explains that a typical power line. However, have the know-how — is ground wire, which will serve as protection from dangerous power lines atmospheric phenomena. In addition, it will be mounted fiber optic line. Builders intend to hand over power lines to the end of the year. Thus, the "optics" is to be expected, too, about this time. Cabling will provide specialized contractor.

Builders is rolled into the forest road, so called technological passage. That pit, ditch it — will not be dispersed. But for the passage of trucks, all-terrain vehicles do. Supports delivered on the line in the form of metal plates and the bolts with nuts. On the site they are going to electricians, fitters. Immediately piling scored in permafrost cores, winch tractors with the support of the crane mounted mast.







Site works lasted 12 hours a day. Living in trassoviki shift camp of trailers. In a set of facilities and services the most popular shower room and dining room. If frost squeeze below 40 degrees, the building is suspended. Because both people and machines freeze. But the heat Leszczynski waiting with regret: "As soon as streams will run, will have to fold."

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