Joseph Kobzon: Belarus Fund opened in order to help the Composers’ Union and theatrical figures

"Belarusian source"
On this week 1927 "Belarusian source" signed by Dr.. C-ich prints subsequent "people — people will agree that, to go to the same goal, with an emphasis on the unity chastsin obektyvnyh race, territory, faith, language, tradition, etc. This method combines elements of awareness people personal ( will) with obektyvnymi. And this, in our sense, the best definition of the people. Neither the will is not nationality or herself, for example, language, territory, but one thing and another — together. "
"Tomorrow — large nationwide prazdnichek — election day — wrote in 1947 in" Lima "poet Ales Bachilo. — Come to the polls, voters to vote for candidates of Stalin komunistav block and non-party for the best sons and daughters of the Motherland, which must elect The Supreme Council BSSR. On my lot a great happiness to vote for our country’s well-known figure — Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov. With a sense of boundless joy I come Feb. 9 at the polling station from the heart and give him your own voice. "
On This week in 1997 on the pages of "Name" followed by Iosif Kobzon expressed as follows: "For me, irreverent expression of your president and Esambaev Kobzon, who came with him, was very humiliating and embarrassing. In Belarus, the fund opened in order to help the Composers’ Union and theatrical figures. He owed engage in commercial activities, and to give all the profits to help the creative union. Interfered with people from council President Administration, taken from us all contracts and have started to do it. "

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