Jurmala or loosen the nuts Belarus?

Media attention, but lured to discover and so called unscheduled topic. Question of sentence commutation relations with Belarus. Her voice is going in Jurmala Chairman of the Seimas of Lithuania Česlovas Jursenas
The other day, during an online conference on the Baltic’s largest information portal DELFI Jursenas noted that "peace symbol that serves Belarus", is worthy of attention, and therefore "position towards Belarus can really change." "We have seen the exact new facts — for example, release of political prisoners and especially our friend Alexander Kozulin. This is not a common thing, it is a real event. I think it can push us to, to loaf, and whether the "tough" policy "isolation of Belarus. Maybe worth slightly loosen the nuts" — said Jursenas.
This position was perceived to diversify, including in Belarus. Sovereign Jursenas states that he is aware of this reaction in the adjoining country.
"You know, when translating a single word can be served harder, and the other weaker. But it does not fundamentally matter. I repeat, we are pleased that those people, which, in our view, have been unjustly punished, was released. This is a signal that can not be ignored and not be seen. I welcome it and I think that is a good excuse in order to put on the discussion and to clarify other our eyes to the situation in Belarus and the Belarusian regime. "
By Jursenas, politicians have similar thoughts, "in Lithuania pretty." This applies, namely, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, its former ambassador to Belarus Petras Vaytekyunasa, which Jursenas Jurmala open a discussion the other day his position. As he told reporters Vaitiekunas, it’s time to both Lithuania and other countries have responded to signals Minsk.
Lithuanian speaker does not undertake to predict how it will meet at a summit bid. Maybe it will eventually be adopted by some special resolution on Belarus, and perhaps will be limited everyday discussion.
Representatives of the Lithuanian parliamentary group "For a Democratic Belarus" call control of the country does not share such optimism.
"I do not think in Belarusian politics occurred severe configuration only from the fact that the government released a few people," — said the Conservative Delfi.lt Saulius Pechalyunas. — "There is a policy in respect of the inhabitants of Belarus, and has a policy against the regime and the parliament. Lithuania may have some their eyes, but she still has to coordinate all EU. There may be some aspects. "
Meanwhile, the agency ELTA said on Mon Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus met with recently released from bullpen former presidential candidate in Belarus Alexander Kozulin. Press Secretary to the President of Lithuania said it was a working meeting and voiced its content. On Tuesday, the administration of President of Lithuania issued a message stating that the results of this meeting will be informed German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that comes with a visit to Lithuania.

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