KGB considers it inexpedient to create municipal organizing committee in the Victims of Repression

In the letter, acquired on February 13, it is noted that the establishment of the organizing committee of the municipal administration will claim the additional posts in the government and the allocation of funds for its logistics, that at the moment impractical. The letter also states that in 2004 complete edition historical documentary chronicles the memory of all regions of Belarus. In the chronicle of each district has a section "Returned names", in which lists the people unfairly convicted in the 1920-1950-ies and rehabilitated at the time of publication of the book.
According to the KGB, in accordance with the municipal register prazdnichkom to commemorate the dead and provided Radunitsa day memory Protz "Dzyady." In addition, the KGB chairman notes that 2007» Declared the Year of the baby, also is a landmark date in the Belarusian literature in connection with the celebration of the 125th anniversary a day or birthday Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas.
In an interview with BelaPAN co-chairman of the organizing committee of the public historian Igor Kuznetsov referred KGB positive answer, because, he said, the public indirectly suggested without the help of others to carry out activities in the commemoration. Together with the fact scientist considers immoral refusal to celebrate the country’s 70 year anniversary memory disaster in 1937, when at least most estimates, was shot more than 300 thousand natives of Belarus. In addition, by him, given in the chronicles of repressed memory lists are incomplete and include only people officially rehabilitated by the KGB to strip 1997, and then selectively. "That is why the publication of books is a live memory of the victims of Stalinist repression by regions and Minsk. So, in memory of the capital chronicled included the names of at least 10 percent of the repressed, while at least most estimates, the town was shot more than 50 thousand people," — highlighted the scientist .

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