Kozulin and Social Democracy: two eye

Znatkevich: Sp.Sidarevich you supported the shift control of your party. The main reason for this change, which officially voiced by Congress — is that of Kozulin bullpen could not control the party. Now, when at liberty Kozulin — Are the party members to return it to the post of chairman?
Sidorevich: In 1-x, let’s specify. I have never been for the fact that Kozulin was elected chairman of the party. In 2005, when the figure appeared Kozulin, I said that we do not need such chairman. Since those who are Democrats, to determine the 1996 days of constitutional coup. If someone from the team Lukashenko came to the Democrats, they really zasvedchvali own democracy, as an academician Wojtowicz whether the last Prime Minister Chigir, even when occupied the highest positions. Kozulin also hit the only opposition since Lukashenko insulted him.
Znatkevich: According to you, this position shares the majority of party members?
SidorevichIn my opinion, the Congress party has been shown.
Znatkevich: Sp.Rynkevich as you agree with the statement sp.Sidarevicha that most of the members of the party decided that sp.Kazulin — say, inadequate favorite for the party?

RinkevichI agreed to be in the air does not just with sp.Lyavkovicham and with sp.Sidarevicham that really from the outset expressed his outlook, for which it is possible to realize. Unlike other "Parteigenosse" in our party, he did not play hide and seek, and stated his position quite in public. As regards the issue of leadership of Alexander Kozulin, then naturally he came to social democracy not in 2005, and in 2001, when we started Kozulin consultation with a number of social-democratic movement in Belarus, and when there was more applicable to the situation of a number of different social abyadnyannya Democratic groups in the United Social Democratic Party, and then a figure Kozulin. So makarom can argue long about who was where and when, in August 1991, in 1996, but the situation has changed and so has been so difficult that I would not have blamed Dr. Kozulin as specifically municipal worker that he was in the cage nomenclature which was close to Lukashenko.
On what thoughts in the party, he took a pretty high regard, another thing is that from the time he became chairman until his arrest did not go a lot of time, and as I read more Ira Kazulina Ivanovna that he had taken the party, but not "Abay" it has not received a lot of sympathy for that time period. And since the Congress reigned "aggressively obedient majority" when to call it the words of Andrei Sakharov, they voted for what they were asked, at the same time these people are misled by the fact that it is useful for itself Kozulin.
Znatkevich: Sp.Sidarevich that you can answer the charges sp.Rynkevicha? From our survey, you could hear the people in Belarus know Kozulin, on hearing his name … Cost party renounces such less-more "hyped" policy?

SidorevichI never believed the polls on the streets. This all can be installed. Second. Rinkevich said fine, that that did not have time abayats Kozulin. He just did not Abaya party. And at the time of his election as chairman of the party March 4, 2007 he was chairman of the party, I remind them that it was de jure from 24 July to 26 December 2005. And in 2007, Kozulin uncontested forced those people who, if you say rude to get better on behalf Kozulin. I will not call them names. They were coming, just rude twisted hands, and eventually agreed to — well, let it be Kozulin. Speak out like this: what were the reasons against Kozulin? He brought with him not in the game or 1st person. If I sp.Rynkevich states that Kozulin yashech in 2001 became a Social Democrat — I know this story. Why did he, as a minister, did not leave this team? Why in the case of gold, when he faced a criminal case, he is correct in this team worked rekamenduyuchy man himself president of the Institute for excluding students, contemptuously referring to the Belarusian language and culture in general? In 2007, after he became chairman of the party, he began to behave poorly. We were even offered a resolution prior written Congress that Kozulin — State hero.
Znatkevich: Sp.Rynkevich you pagshoditsesya that people "twist arms" at the congress that force continued Kozulin?
Rinkevich: Look at these people — they are the same hands voted against Kozulin. Evert the hands of those who give to twist, who are weak, who pounces on any cheats or simply persuade. When almost a third of the Congress in this time was from Brest, where Lyaukovich strong rear, if we so far do not give officially unregistered forces in the party, at any difficulties with registration, pavnavartnasna participate in the congress, it is natural, we can say that Those who came were some appropriate most. And then, in 2007, Kozulin political prisoner held on moral values, respect and international standing. Nobody nobody twisted hands. This again demonstrates the results. We vote sanctuary. If you want to distribute the "dark balls", then all hands would be screwed in and had to take strike Alexander Kozulin, because it is untainted by deception.
With regard to the fact that Kozulin was in command of the president, I would say this: while we dissident informals, and in this sense I Sidorevich understand how daveshney supratsivlentsa Russian authorities, so that’s as long as we only informals and will not become systematic opposition that will take municipal leaders, former ministers, harsh policies aimed at the total, nothing we did not succeed, that’s how we are going to look ghetto own opposition, who most democratic purity uniforms.
Znatkevich: Would you agree, sp.Sidarevich, with views sp.Rynkevicha that indeed it is time to get out of the ghetto dissident opposition and that Kozulin — this is exactly the figure that could from this ghetto opposition to withdraw?
Sidorevich: About sp.Kazulina democracy demonstrated by the fact that in 2005, instead of 12, under the charter of the Executive Bureau of the Party was only 6. According to the statute, conceptual adkumenty perceives the Central Committee, the same concept of "path to a decent life," no central committee did not open a discussion. And about Brest: was not there most of the Brest region, no need dezynfarmavats.
As for output, the creator of Kozulin as a Social Democrat, the late Dr. Loikaw, just his hopes that Kozulin, as last minstar, last rector, Doctor, did so to make their electoral field or expand the electoral field by officials, academics, etc. As yet we have seen on the display? Commonwealth viewer saw a Marine. And the nomenclature and academics who enthusiastically looked away Kozulin, were surprised. And social democracy, too, was surprised. The point is that the 158 thousand signatures he gathered party. But not the party wrote texts. As well said Lewkowicz, the party was kicked and his head was somewhere else.
Znatkevich: Sp.Rynkevich what you Social Democracy? Indeed, in several Belarusian Social Democratic parties, a lot of the social-democratic politicians …
RinkevichFor me, the Social-Democrats — approval and protection of human rights, multifaceted social market economy, constitutional law and, certainly, the Belarusian sovereignty of the country. Naturally, the most basic principle for the Social Democrats — the principle of social justice.
Znatkevich: In your opinion, is all sp.Kazulin divides?
RinkevichCertainly. As for its democracy or avtakratyzmu about which we have heard from sp.Sidarevicha diatribes, then six months Lewkowicz Central Committee did not collect — so what is there to talk about the other …
Znatkevich: What do you Social Democrac
y of Sidorevich?
SidorevichFor me, the Social-Democrats — first honesty, unlike the city Rinkevich.
Znatkevich: According to you, Kozulin does not?
Sidorevich: Social Democrat politician should read the truth — for yourself and the people. Tags: Kozulin, Rinkevich, Lewkowicz, Sidorevich

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