Kozulin asks prosecutors to institute proceedings for election fraud

February 8, Alexander Kozulin sent a statement to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Pyotr Miklashevich. Said this "Freedom" lawyer Igor Rynkevich, which is now met with a politician to an unsecured line. By Rinkevich, last presidential candidate to initiate requests criminal case Alexander Lukashenko.
Oppositionist suspects chapter in the country’s electoral fraud and refers to the recognition that in November did Alexander Lukashenko, speaking to Ukrainian journalists. Let me remind you, Alexander Lukashenko said at a press conference in Minsk: "The last election we have forged … Lukashenka has voted 93.5 per cent. They say it is not a European measure. We did 86. So really was," — said the head of the country.
Lawyer Igor Rynkevich believes that these words is enough to their directed attention prosecutors.
Rinkevich: "This public recognition in the crime. As less needed inspect, and later write the refusal to institute criminal proceedings or initiating a criminal case and refer the case to the investigator. There are no other options. "
Earlier, similar statements to the Supreme Tribunal chairman accessed BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka and civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko, who also asked to respond to the words of Alexander Lukashenko regarding election fraud. But Supreme Tribunal refused to start a criminal case against Alexander Lukashenko.
Lawyer Igor Rynkevich said that information available to his client, such recognition of election fraud Tipo Alexander Lukashenko did during some meetings with foreign diplomats — namely, in 2006 Cuba.
Igor Rynkevich also conveyed by the words of Alexander Kozulin support activists "Young Front", which pursue power. By Kozulin, persecution suggests that "the Belarusian regime on Actually will not go to dialogue with the EU. "
Kozulin conveyed greetings to relatives and to all lovers about a day or Valentine’s frisky and greeted the youth, who is preparing for the usual street protests on February 14, said the lawyer.
As for feelings Alexander Kozulin, it improves, says Igor Rinkevich.
Rinkevich, "with a handshake, I realized that he was on the mend, but it is clear that even back hurts."
Before February 15, Alexander Kozulin will keep bed rest, said lawyer Igor Rynkevich. Alexander Kozulin is almost eleven months kept behind bars on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. In late 2006, a politician held a 53-day hunger strike.

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