Kozulin has a chance to become an individual candidate Lukashenko

What shared memories from his own press conference left Alexander Kozulin? Either seemed convincing his comments and assess the situation? What political perspective Kozulin, which he may find a niche in today’s political configuration?
Tsigankov"We are with you all present at this press conference, Alexander Kozulin. Before we begin to assess its political perspective, I would ask you to share the common experience of Kozulin. How did you find it after release? Either showed that he was cut from the realities or seemed to have convincing his comments and estimates that more memorable? "
"Kozulin looked better than I was waiting for"
Treasurers"With regard to the political realities, then pulled away from their Kozulin natural method, but I was pleased with how fast it is in their" driven ". Had passed almost a few days, though he first days of freedom for doing boring chores, burial test. Yet, its estimates and judgments seem to me reasonable, sober and adequate. "
Tsigankov"What for you directly seemed clearer and more politically reconciled?"
Treasurers"We can see that there is a tough position Kozulin that the situation in his party BSDP (D), and it comes to elections — parliamentary and presidential, and that the democratic forces should be consolidated position. In my opinion, all this sounded very accurate. "
Starikevich"Kozulin looked better than I expected. I did not think that he could so quickly and correctly assess the situation. All the same, 2.5 years behind bars, things fell languid than its share this year. Several of his statements made during the February press conference, when he was free from his wife’s funeral, they sounded very versatile.
Now it was a politician. So around might sound a press conference at least some of the favorites SLM — so in that sense Kozulin amused. Although, of course, was a little long-winded, it was evident that in the colony, he read books on Eastern philosophy — and sometimes it is in a skid. But I think it will get better over time. "
Tsigankov"If we talk about it … Maybe it shmatslovnasts and translating philosophical conversation on the category of" light and darkness "- does not indicate that the image of a preacher now prevailed over the style of politics?"
Starikevich"I think he was just faster slightly not centered in their own utterances. I do not think he means to be a preacher, but at times it reads exactly such a position. I would not say that it dominated — was just perceptible."
Tsigankov"Let’s talk about the political perspective on the background of the current Kozulin release Kim and Parsyukevich. As Kozulin be able to find a place for themselves in politics, his political niche? He has already met with key political leaders. Whether opposition to this challenge — to find an appropriate role for the political Kozulin building? "
Niche individual candidates Lukashenko free

Treasurers"Certainly, in this situation, almost all is dependent on the very Kozulin, how they will behave and what line of conduct. But the soil to start it at the moment is very suitable. Either way, the individual will change the balance in the opposition . Which niche that "the depth and breadth" exists for Kozulin — yet hard to say. But do not forget that the individual factor is very important, and that niche political leader, head of individual candidates today — free. Unfortunately, opposition from the middle of 1990 — x answer to this question did not give.
Tsigankov"Do you think that Alexander Milinkevich this niche does not take?"
Treasurers"Do not, under any circumstances. Kazulina will turn to occupy this niche, whether he can take — that’s another question, which is very difficult to predict in advance. Kozulin But here has a chance."
Tsigankov"And here — the maturity test in opposition. Suppose Kozulin want to take this niche and start some actions in this direction. How to behave opposition elite — will help him or hinder?"
Treasurers"I can say with confidence that there will be a specific position on this matter. Part of his support, cleaning — no. Question is, how will these parts bolshennymi. And this is largely depends on the very Kozulin.
What happened at the last congress of his party if Kozulin dismissed from his post as chairman — it was malaprystoyna. But if you read about some political implications, it is faster Kozulin. He will not be perceived as the head of a party. Him in that role would have been difficult because of the UDF all party leaders, like all on an equal footing … And here he is in that role, which he read at the press conference, saying, "I’m starting from scratch."
Go beyond the opposition ghetto
Starikevich"The situation, which got Kozulin, quite difficult. Before his release, the authorities virtually eliminated that legitimate political platform, which he held. Formally, at the moment — who he is, not counting the fact that the last presidential candidate.
But it’s not even the most important question. The problem is that if Kozulin begins to act within the existing opposition, severe reach of success will not work. Will be a redistribution of, for example, something he otvoyuet — and then become SLM not 4 but pyatsigalovaya. But fundamentally the situation in the country will not change. Because it is necessary to create the newest niche, even deeper than the one that takes the united opposition. But to go beyond these boundaries will be very difficult. After all, power, creating a certain opposition ghetto allow Democrats to exist there. But any samples that go beyond the ghetto very aggressively punished. "
Tsigankov"Do not you reads that Kozulin should become a third force? Dreams about it live from the 1990s, but they never materialized. Indeed, anyone who claimed the status of a third force, still eventually became on the authorities or the opposition. "
Starikevich"I’m not talking about the third force. This may be another force, if you will. Indeed we now have no other force. Opposition, in fact, turned into the dissident movement that has no influence on society. I’m not talking about you have to walk a new method. Please let and the opposition, but beyond the limits in which it currently exists. Expand Field own support, this is the main task. " Tags: Kozulin, Starikevich, Treasurers

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