Kozulin postponed the meeting with journalists on Wednesday

Ex-presidential candidate, was detained on March 25 2006.
Alexander Kozulin to This time gives no disk imaging reporters. August 16, his daughter Olga said that when she found out about the death of his grandfather (father Ira Kazulina), chief of the colony called and asked to convey this news tattoo.
Through some time Alexander Kozulin he called her and said that he was released and he goes home. A little later it became clear that the political prisoner freed forever, and not for the funeral, as it was in late February, when his wife died.
Olga Kozulin said that on August 17 in Dzerzhinsk father go to the funeral in-law and only in mon met with reporters. Yesterday Alexander Kozulin decided to postpone the meeting with journalists on August 20. Now in the morning on his website will be located press release.
"Press release on the website somewhere in the 10 — says Olga Kozulin. — Press conference will be on Wednesday, in other words, basic information go to mon that are now interested journalists, and on Wednesday will be the extended press Conference. No, well, we do not give interviews, so as not to offend any of the journalists, that later turned out not so much that we fool anyone. "
To This time remains unknown, on what criteria came Alyaksandr Kozulin. Politicians believe authorities had yield to the pressure of international democratic society and went on such a step because of the deteriorating economic and political situation in the country.
U.S. EU countries demanding the release of all political prisoners. Remains behind bars Andrei Kim, who was sentenced to one and a half years, accusing him of danger policeman during a protest on January 10 businessmen.
Sergei Parsyukevich, regional favorite businessmen from Vitebsk, was imprisoned for two and a half years, alleging that he beat Tipo guard when serving arrest for his role in the action business.

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