L.Ananich Web expects a separate law

They told how the law will be applied in practice.
First deputy minister of disk imaging Lilia Ananich said that all journalists working in municipal and independent media, will soon receive a similar certificate. Asked by journalists to continue the practice, when street protests from journalists passed municipal media and give them the information, but do not miss the other disk imaging and they are not given, the official has assured that all will have equal status.
Lilia Ananich than once reminded that in a new media law is not written, in Belarus need to register online edition. Together with that, she said that over the web will be developed rules of law.
On the question of "Freedom" about the situation with the elimination of regional non-political media Lilia Ananich follow:
"Two-thirds of all media — it’s a lot or not enough? I think you have an ongoing conversation about the socio-political sector of the press. I think that in the Belarusian media totally have potential for development in all sectors."

Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Bastunets so commented Ms. Ananich statement:
"Employees of the Ministry of disk imaging refer to 1995. At that time, indeed, was recorded in Belarus, about 700 media. Currently their more than 1,200. What still concerns political media in including regional, their number has decreased over this time twice. According to estimates BAJ it did not seek and 30.
Well, maybe this is the testimony of the Information vibrant places in Belarus and follow its prospects. "
Lilia Ananich warned that currently have amended during the year to keep the materials that were placed or aired.
Meanwhile Managing Department MFA press service Maria Vanshyna assured that the activities of foreign media on the ground will not be limited to Belarus. Coupled with the fact the Foreign Ministry warned that working without accreditation MFA terrain Belarus zabugornye media is strictly prohibited. According Vanshyna, punishment for violators will be a written warning. Tags: media, print, web, BAJ oh Ananich law

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