L. Barshcheuski wants to hear from Bulgarians szhalyavam

Prerequisite for appeal to the ambassador began expressing owner of football club "Levski"Todor Batkova the other day, this team match with the Belarusian football club BATE.
"In an interview with" Standard-News "Batken has permitted himself to insulting expression in the address Belarusian people"Until otidem before and after zapazim Welcome Results in Belarusian. Had pritesnyavat zakanite other selection. Nai malkoto for Tova, Th Bulgaria IMA 1400 Godin history, there has come ce reads poison drzhava, Koyata e izkustveno szdadena" — writes in a letter Lavon Barshcheuski.
In a letter to the head of the BPF draws attention that "both our European nations have a thousand-year history of challenging the establishment and restoration of statehood, the struggle for a national identity, for the values of freedom and democracy, uzaemavzbagachalnyh contacts in the Christian tradition, and culture. This is our cooperative historical wealth that should be protected — in including and for our European solidarity. . "
Lavon Barshcheuski ambasadra asked to use its influence and knowledge of Belarus in order "so that created an unacceptable expression brought public apology before the arrival of FC" Levski "in Belarus." "Sports do not prazdnichek be marred by no shadow, "- said in a letter to the head of the BPF.

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