L. Zaika: If we’re not in the same state

Zaika: "Putin is not specifically focused on Belarus. It read and EurAsEC, and about Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Situation is very common. Hunch confirmed that, indeed, our homeland does not interfere in the election campaign in Belarus 2006. Our homeland has made a very favorable conditions Belarusian authorities almost until April. Later she returned to the positions that Three years reverse were designated as the transition to a market economy, namely oil and gas.
Putin was an amazing supplement rhetorical when he said: "If we are not in the same state" when it was of gas and oil prices and rates. We are not in the same state, means Belarus should take those prices and tariffs, allowing to enter again softly in market relations. But behind this public enthusiasm of. Subsydiravali 15 years, will no longer be — neither Georgia nor Moldova or Belarus. "

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