L. Zaika: We fooled them — Fradkov and Putin

Russian companies will supply oil to Belarus at a cost last year — about 240 dollars per ton. But this cost will already include export duty 53 dollars per ton. In the oil companies themselves to comment on the agreement shall be removed, but they say that they are very profitable. Official dealer of "Rosneft" Nicholas said Manvelav:
Manvelav: "Yes, indeed, held talks with" Belneftekhim "." Rosneft "has signed the protocol. And presently occurs clearance routes in February. According to the new criteria oil will be from February 1."
Representative of "Rosneft" referred to the fact that "new conditions" have commercial lurking. The question they most profitable company, sire Manvelav said:
Manvelav: "We all agreed to meet respectively with economic necessity. Sides agreed on the criteria that are mutually beneficial."
And said the same official dealer of "Lukoil" Dmitry Dolgov
Debt: "If we were not profitable, we would not conclude treaties. We do not comment on the criterion of the contract."
Refrained from commenting and the Ministry of Economy of Belarus.
Managing center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika claims that at the moment Russian oligarchs supplying oil to Poland for 172 dollars per tonne and still pay 180 bucks export duty. A new agreements to Belarus oil company will sell oil to Belarus for 187 bucks and another 53 bucks export duty will go to the Russian budget. Such alignment even comparable with the criteria Poland beneficial for Russian oligarchs and for Belarusian side. But what has this everyday consumer in Belarus? Zaika explained:
Zaika: "As a result we have 240 bucks worth of oil. Oil From this we will do gasoline. And let it we will be twice more expensive than oil purchased, then it should cost 48 cents per liter. Now it sells for a buck or two thousand rubles. Practically, for 24 cents letters acquire oil can sell a population over 50, and sell for a buck. Belarusian consumer should come out with banners to avtazalivachnyh stations and say what we were fighting for gasoline twice? The opposition would have been 4 million votes. "
With all this economist sure eventually these talks Russian oligarchs have actually agreed to pay a fee 53 bucks.
Zaika: "The government, the authoritarian Lukashenko favorite pass these costs on the Russian oligarchs. We fooled them — Fradkov and Putin. Nothing they did with us."

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