Ladies’ Club in Mahnavitskim Lane

Once such a meeting would be called feminine, sure gatherings. Or what papraduhami. It read as if endless and your old wives’ work was done at the same time. But not long Myaleshkavichah spun well and summer in the yard, and in the summer, as you know, quite different concerns. Finally, as for gatherings, so far not yet evening. Because this meeting is called in the present, stylish — Ladies’ Club in Mahnavitskim Lane. Houses 3 girlfriends: Zhenya, Katya and Sonya — stand in the lane next. And to gather together, we now have a large neighbors occasion: Zhenya arrived!

Zhenya: I achuvayu soul — both them and the world … Me is all very precious — and trees and storks. Buslinae nest was, and at the moment there and I feel so sorry that he is not … I cared for and that meadow orchards, which is presently No meliyaratsyya its done and hayfields are not the … But I was drawn here like a magnet, I have an inner need to go here. I fly here! Talked with their peers — and the soul itself ascent that seems directed to the mountains!
Sapach: In Myaleshkavichah her as ever remember and perceive as Zhenya, one of eight small children Hvyadorynyh. Zhenya was trained perfectly, graduated school with a medal, and then leaned to the capital, to study further. And it was 50 years ago. And then remained Zhenya in Minsk, was called Eugenia Kalenikavnay, various responsible positions held, came out of retirement at the Ministry. Anikudy of her girlfriends Myaleshkavichav never left, then got married, gave birth to children here, grow, live here as they can. Every summer, Jack, Kate and Sonia expect Eugene Kalenikavnu a small furlough. She comes to watch the grave, breathe air and see the local davneshnih friends. And anyhow met, they say — not lash out, remember — not navspaminayutstsa.
Eugene: We are left without a father, and his mother without a spouse … House burned, lived in a dugout, but the mother is not never cried. Maybe, except here and there — one on one, but we — ever! We were always going to neighbors Aunt Palagya and Lightning, and Shura, and Anna … There was a spill, and across the bottom was a vat of water, so that the embers fell, and were sitting around all our neighbors. Who is right and who wove who tkav … Loom stood, and always singing songs. And I remember … Mother is very adored the song "sow cucumbers."
Sapach: Unlike visiting guests, who gladly parynae in the memoirs of the past and, as usual, the best times … its provincial friends they say that, than live here and now. Here is another Jack.

Jack: paporavsya summer in the garden — and the forest berries on grybtsy.
— Lending on the workpiece, it Cancel penny? Lucrative?
— How much is there? No berries, and four thousand, was previously on 3500, go, which rack up seven pounds, and a day walking … How many there seven kilos yes four thousand?
— So not for money?
— Oh, my God, the means … But if you want to grieve — and go. Who does not want that no walks.
Sapach: I am surprised at the value that makes the lady in the word "grieve".
In eynamu, it appears that "live" and "grieve" — it amounts to the same thing.
Jack: grieve … So it does not grieve, is also alive! Mu is themselves living! And who does not grieve — and he has not! That’s it! Concisely and clearly … But we need to grieve! Need to work! Went to work, came tselyavizara looked … (Laughs)
Sapach "Pagaravavshy" relish in the garden, but in the forest on the berries, village ladies love to look at real life.
Jack: Tselyavizar still indicates where along the white world that is done.
— What do you look like?
— The movie is not bad. "RON gardener" is not a bad movie silno.
— And what is it?
— About love, zhyz about young zhyz. And it is in the true proportion. That 1st love, and second beautiful, the second best fit. And then throw it again for this is reversed. And so it was, indeed!
— Means demonstrate the truth in those films?
— The truth, the truth is in the divide …
Sapach: She knows that reads. Her own life for what krutchey seryyalnuyu fudge. Consider fled from the wedding, so do not go for the hateful, and then with what ever so coveted century suffered — and was beaten and persecuted out of the house, and humiliated by the last words. And others. Surprisingly just say they share on their own, without complaining, crying, nothing on complaining.
Katya: Without God — not for the threshold. And do not go out over the threshold. I’ll tell him … he did not pray, and if mats oppression, I say, STI, STI, STI! .. God hears Nebi on what you say to me.
— And he — you? ..
— On me, and on whom …
Sapach: Meanwhile, Katya prudent for its hot Ivan lived 50 years in the past year celebrated their adult kids tattoos and mom golden marriage. A second first marriage Kate remembers …

Kate: Why do not I remember? First as it was — and crown covers and candles same bitch those years, but two were demolished — those above, whose below.
— And as your candle zneslisya? Who is greater?
— I already zabulasa who was above … But I pabyadila. I pabyadila, then I take his wages into their own hands. How did it happen? Not give salary — I have for you does not cook, I do not for you Pamula shirt, I am to you and that will not do. Since the beginning of zhyzni need to have funds were spouses. You know yourself, where you will turn, but where to call for yes requires that both they pobyli little to no money was not you, so you need to be able to live.
— Here it is, the wisdom of the prosaic, ladies!
— Ladies, ladies … After all, where it can kill as drunk or where vukinuts, who adkrade. And I’ll like Squeeze, then certainly I have no vuzme, like so …
Sapach: These secrets home kind of measured and sure knows Katya. Recommended to understand and daughters if daughters have, pass. And what did you wonder ladies club — this is for you not just here any actual wisdom adpakutavanaya, worn-out, the real.
Sonya: I in E-2-Elena. She married went to Murmansk. ’40 Lived, but returned.
— In Murmansk already?
— And back. Went there married a lovely girl. She seems to understand which artsistku? Doronin! That "the land is desolate without you." She sings so well as that Doronin.
Sapach: a short, smooth th Sonia loves beautiful around. Leads into the bright room, and there — embroidered towels, tablecloths, deryuzhkami or in myaleshkavsku saying — "prostsilki." And instead of "embroider" they say "sew".

Sonya: From love to sew!
— A thread where beratse?
— Shawls for such buy, go, for you I’ll show you on-oh! Vutsyaguyu thread …
— With scarves pulled thread?
— With shawls. And pink, all. Look, oh!
— This pillows.
— The pillows, oh! Oh!
Sapach: Before the war, there was a school Myaleshkavichah was a clinic, and was a temple. The Germans burned the village and school and clinic, and church. Fortunately, people saved. How to back, have been built up anew. Initially built houses, and later a school and clinic. Instead of the temple stands at the crossroads Myaleshkavichah abrakalny cross.

Kate: No church, what can you do — and no. And pray to God, and I e and candles. Houses put on Sunday praznik — is I pray to God …
— Aunt Kate, you always lived happily?
— Lived here,
that you still …
— Where there were not counting Myaleshkavichav?
Where waseh? In Khatyn was. In Minsk, was about 10 times, from way they like.
— Look, I know what they were before the war Myaleshkavichy Jewish shtetl. And where are they all gone?
Sonya: They thrashed the Germans as strong, not adored. After the war, they did not live in our Myaleshkavichah. I 1935. I know that there was a house, sewed up boots, and there — the store was to targavali all. And we have been predsyadatselem Nohim. As October, it will bring people already, but did not give to do business … At the same time strong Lenin revered by his covenant to execute: October, 1st May Yes yes he is, "flooded with znamena! .." Pachtsi that before the war.
— It is said that here, from Myaleshkavichav hailing Finberg?
Katya: Eto something wrong. I posle war did the gang "The Hammer". And there was a foreman Fimber. So it may, his offspring — he Finger tselyavizaru choir that leads … Mo ‘scion of Fimberga already?
Sapach: One after another, the other for the third … Sukaetstsa uneven thread female speech. Remember friends as immediately after the war were strolling small Mozyr create documents, instead of lost, burned. A special commission to determine the age of the eye, "the look."
Sonia: Well, kaneshno commission sits, because at the moment the jury are sitting. Mom said that I was the 36th year, and recorded that from the 36th …
Sapach: Another reason girlfriend that fraction is languid, not only in women.
Katya: no offspring pavyazlo, uterus May … (Forthcoming story recalls crying, sobbing) His wife died swiftly to two children left, and he took some to two girls, well, ETA also fell ill shchatavidkay to underwent surgery, but not overgrown wound, to all the worse, and worse, and worse and worse …
Sapach: And after going again mention. On postwar childhood, hungry and cool, the authority of mothers who, without waiting for the war to men, patiently lived, raised the kids on their feet, no one complained, never wept. Hitherto in Myaleshkavichah kids called her mother "you", and no one is striking. And remember Tipo and safe, and we think, terrible curses myaleshkavski …
Zhenya: My mother never scolded us, only said: "And the pain of your mother!"
— The pain of your mother?
— Yes. "And the pain of your mother!" — How to get angry, and more than anything she did not read.
Sapach: Imagine for yourself what you desire to hurt reproach to the closest and beloved your man. Oh, absolutely not safe myaleshkavski this reproach — "pain your mom" …
Meanwhile ball sneaks hour. And ladies club Mahnavitskim lane itself is transformed into classic gatherings. Subside debate delayed song.
Sings Zhenya, who went away from Myaleshkavichav, 50 years ago. Heed, amounting to filed exhausted, twisted work hand Zhenchyny friends who never anywhere from Myaleshkavichav leave. Now they are all — one. And tomorrow? ..
And tomorrow will be the same where. Happens so that had nothing to do.

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