Last Hours of Freedom — 22 minutes. Guest ether — Valentin Akudovich

Participates philosopher Valentin Akudovich. How to assess political intelligentsia Belarusian domestic action as prospects foreign policy. And Valentine’s day Valentine Akudovich comment on the survey — on what people are willing to act for the sake of love
In "Night of research" — the death penalty in Belarus — to Last year to death were sentenced to 9 people.
Reports from the nightclub where noted day of lovers
Siege Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau group of "IQ48", in "Night Primer" prose Yuri Borisevich
After 23 minutes — an overview letters to freedom, "Belarusian Diaspora" with the problem of brain drain of Belarus, "the examination of Freedom" about the prospects of a small business in Belarus, also record the answers to the questions Milinkevich visitors to our web site.
22-hours and the air of Freedom and the Web.

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