Last Hours of Freedom — 22 minutes. Guest — Sergei Guminsky

In the "research" now canteens — in Belarus, the practice of dining in the world, people they say about their own experiences of diners.
Two reports from the presentations — the first book by Israeli writer Belarusian — Etgar Keret books — and with the opening of the exhibition Alexander Khatskevich (participant famous duo "Sasha and Sirozha").
Siege Belarusian web, "Zwukopis" Alexander Pamidorau in "Night ABC book" Poems Maxim Schoor.
"Freedom Night" — and 22 hours in the air and on the Web.
After *** 23rd — "Travel" Freedom "- the journey Vitaly Semashko Loshnitsa that Borisov district, transfer" Belarusian abroad "about the negative attitude in Belarus to those who study abroad; conversation with youth activists Vladislav Mikhailov, who is trained in Poland. Vladislav admitted collaborating with the KGB. Also, after the 23rd review letters on "Freedom."

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