Lawyer: Secrets in no Zeltser

The process will be closed, as the case in March, first investigation, received state vulture lurking. Let me remind you, a lawyer from the U.S. Emanuel Zeltser arrested March 12 immediately upon arrival in Minsk from London. Advocate Emanuel Zeltser, recognizable Belarusian lawyer Dmitry Harachka for more than 4 months each working day visiting the defendant in his own prison of the KGB "American." Such visits are explained in the midst of the rest of the health of Emanuel Zeltser, reached for information that Emanuel Zeltser is in "critical condition." First, I asked a lawyer Harachka how recently the court feels Emanuel Zeltser:
"The situation has not changed fundamentally. He suffers from pain, very bad walks, his feet hurt."
Correspondent"How do you assess its readiness for the process as a defendant?"
Fever"We proceed from the fact that he believes that any crimes not committed. We have prepared a lot of evidence that he is not guilty, even though he does not have to submit such evidence."
Correspondent"You are also protected Vladlena Funk, of which did not clear enough. What can say about it? "
Fever"This is his secretary. What else to say? Absurd accusation in general, and as it is absolutely nothing to read."
Correspondent"In the midst of all the charges remained as before — and padrablenne documents and drugs, and commercial espionage?"
Fever"Yes, nothing has changed, and, apparently, is not going to change anything. Not for these accusations were."
Correspondent"Do you think journalists will not be allowed to start the process?"
Fever"Technically, under the law, the press and the public have to put, and later to announce that the process is closed, and remove all of the hall. But I guess not because the process is closed to the public, that you have seen them. Or maybe even ask what your question … "
Correspondent"And on what basis the process closed to the public?"
Fever"As if in fact there is hidden information."
Correspondent"You beheld deal. Are there hidden information?"
Fever"My answer is: I think that there was no reason to close the case. Why then closed it? I think if process allowed journalists, they would rapidly become clear what the problem here. For this purpose it is not necessary be a lawyer."
Dmitry Harachka believes that the process of Emanuel Zeltser and his secretary Vladlena Funk last less than a week. "It’s not such a big and," — says the lawyer.
The KGB, which had been investigated, it is not commenting, including the question what purpose the British millionaire lawyer Joseph Kay Sovereign Seltzer arrived in Minsk. By brother arrested, Mark Zeltser, living in New York, Emanuel Zeltser appeared in Minsk Tipo to deal with the legacy of Georgian oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili, which claimed half-brother of the late Joseph Kay. As if it was about the actions of a refinery in Belarus, but these reports so far not been proven. According to Mark Zeltser, his brother arrived in Minsk on a private jet known Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Mark Zeltser also believes that his brother was arrested by order Tipo Boris Berezovsky, and it clarifies the personal intrigued oligarch refugee. In an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant" Boris Berezovsky such suspicions have vehemently denied. Hitherto exactly clear who and what is the role of history in a rather vague Zeltser’s arrest in Minsk. Tags: Seltzer, process, fever, function

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