Lawyer Zeltser gave a subscription to disclose

At the entrance of the Minsk City Court suspended the policeman and me the keeper of the court, who said that the trial of Emanuel Zeltser closed and go to the tribunal because I can not. At this point, the tribunal was a lawyer Dmitry Harachka and said some details:
"For the court prepared a large set of documents, which, in my eyes — and so says my client — fully testify that he and Vladlena Funk (Bruskova) did not do any crimes here. These documents are certified as expected South American side, and not to trust them, I have no reason to. Even if Seltzer would not read anything in court, this would be enough to confirm that he did not povinet is to blame than his. "
Dmitry Harachka journalists expressed the hope that during the break will come to them and say, as to whether these documents for consideration. But an hour later when the emperor Harachka left to journalists, no details of the process, he said. Lawyer referred to another subscription — already nondisclosure stroke process:
"Said that I did not have the right to comment. I — completely seriously. I would not want to change the status in the this case, therefore obliged to obey. Just say the situation on the labor process, nobody violates the Code of Criminal Procedure. "
The lawyer said that the trial has been adjourned until July 31, but did not specify the circumstances of the break. Lawyer also did not call the name of the representative of the prosecutor’s office, which supports the prosecution. This failed to find any city Chancery Court nor the court office of the chairman Misha Ardyako. It is clear only that the process leads referee Dmitri Klimovich.
Let me remind you, Emanuel Zeltser blame use of fake documents, use of drugs, drug smuggling and commercial espionage. Secretary of the South American lawyer Vladlena Funk blame use of fake documents. Of view of the accused in court and their mood Dmitry Harachka said: "Emanuel Zeltser looks and keeps respectively health and Vladlen — better, it is more young, it is easier."
Emanuel Zeltser — a U.S. citizen, his secretary Vladlena Funk (Bruskova) has Russian citizenship. Now representatives of the embassies of the U.S. and Russia about the Minsk City Court was not. It is understood that earlier representatives of the U.S. Embassy at least twice visited Emanuel Zeltser in the KGB prison ("American"), where he is being held on March 12th. "Emanuel Zeltser was that during the first interrogation used against him physical strength," — said of the U.S. Embassy after visiting Zeltser. In March at the Russian Embassy in Belarus knew about the detention of Belarusian KGB Russian citizen Vladlena Funk. About that met her representatives Embassy of the Russian Federation after the arrest is unclear.
Who was profitable attention of the Belarusian law enforcement authorities to the person Emanuel Zeltser and his secretary Vladlena Funk? Even before the beginning of the process, journalists asked this question lawyer Dmitry Harachka. The lawyer did not give their own comments, but advised reporters to ask about an article in the British newspaper "The Times" for July 29. According to the lawyer Dmitry Harachka in this article "All right indicated the role of Berezovsky."
That still wrote about Russian oligarch fugitive "Times"?
"Berezovsky claims the heritage of one second, which is estimated at 12 billion, since he and Patarkatsishvili were business partners, and close friends," — said in a British newspaper article devoted to the cause of Emanuel Zeltser.
Here is a quote regarding the subsequent Boris Berezovsky"March 12 Zeltser and his secretary took the plane Berezovsky and flew to Minsk, where they were arrested."
End quote which mentions the same name, the subsequent "Friends Berezovsky deny that he had even the smallest relation to the arrest of Zeltser."
Prior to the trial lawyer implied that this process will continue and the following week. After the break, the lawyer refrained from predictions about the duration of the process in the case of Emanuel Zeltser and Funk Vladlena (Bruskova). Tags: Seltzer, Berezovsky, fever, function

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