Lebedko: Lukashenko shows its weakness

"But it does not give rise zamruzhvats eyes and read that we are moving towards a confident steps brighter future. That now happening in Belarus — is ingrained order of things. Step forward, half back. This is the strategy chosen Alexander G.. With one side, he takes a step, and you want all wrote about it media disk imaging, and together with those he takes a step back.
I would seriously talk about any advancements and so were prepared one, second, third steps forward. And no reverse. We can only say that people convicted of illegally — on the loose. This is fine, this is the result of teamwork thousands of people in Belarus and the international society. Point.
Lukashenko uses the fact release of political prisoners as a bargaining chip in the west and the east. It shows at once, and his weakness. "Tags: political prisoners Liabedzka

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