Lebedko: This jealousy policy whose time is completed

Lukashenka: "The West is now cooperating even with the opposition but with a bunch of renegades inside malehankih our country, members of the team of President Lukashenko, who did not take place. All were once in my team were somewhere nearby and confessed the same ideology. But knapsack got a very small, because they went into opposition. And now they make money on it make money. It’s their business. You give them money — they are excellent. That’s all the opposition. "
These statements are commented Chairman Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko
Lyabedzka: "The West is not such a" small group ". I believe that at the level of the European Union, international organizations (such as Council of Europe) Will revere only when it is severe partner. Because in this case the word Lukashenko crawl policies and approaches of international society. Who is right — the international society or Lukashenka? Pretty to look at the work of the EU institutions and other Alexander Lukashenko — who reached the what result. I believe that the answer will claim not comment.
And then, that Lukashenko can not to forget that there is a group that pulls over a significant portion of the contacts and communications. It’s just Such political jealousy policy whose time is completed. "

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