Lena Skrigan: Stereotypes crumble

Skrigan Lena, one of the favorites of the Party of Communists Belarusian commented on the results of the presidential elections in the United States:
"Ckazhite honestly, to the last hour, I did not believe that President Obama will be. I thought bounded America came to the polls, do not dare to opt for dark candidate.
But it happened, and I believe that it is very fundamentally. This indicates that changes occur. Stereotypes that held sway for centuries, destroyed by the processes that occur in the world.
First it is connected, as I think, to the crisis that began with America and goes on Worldwide and we, despite all the assurances of our control. Very fundamentally, that came a new man who will be able to turn the situation in America the other side. Very basically, that he has the confidence of the population and not just the dark part. This is useful not only for America, and for around the world . "

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