Leonov: Postscripts inevitable

According to the Minister of Agriculture last Vasily Leonov, with such tremendous plans for district heads in order to save their jobs, nothing to do but how to do more of the usual Russian times postscripts. Because trust the numbers yields and cultivated area can only conditionally:
"You know that every year the State Control Committee finds and displays will show numerous violations. Under such plans inevitably it all. Cause per se this "confrontation", allegedly bona fide and dishonest, roughly speaking, is tired. After all, if there is no longer anyone to wage war, then war is declared for grain. No other opponents as farmers. Tired to wage war with America will wage war with rye, and barley. But certainly be war. "
And whether purposefully in Belarus today at the cost to raise as much grain? Sovereign Leonov believes cornmeal for fodder to take abroad is not necessary. But wheat and other varieties will have to take the highest in any case:
"Raising fodder better here at home. Indeed the world market prices of almost every day, so to speak, "Dance." And elite varieties, anyway, to grow in Belarus is virtually impossible. "
Reporter: "You can hear the claim that some varieties of grain Belarus may even sell."
"I, frankly, I can not comment on what do it. What is such a business need? For me it’s just unclear. "

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