Let the Belarusian Foreign Ministry put in place after Surikov

Start the program from the phone call unchanging listeners "Liberty" Ilya Kopyla:
"The Kremlin leadership indignant that Ukraine sold Georgia gun. Dugin Russian political analyst said on television that the Russian armed forces should strike in Ukraine and Russia to join the eastern Russian regions. Our homeland arming itself to the teeth, Iran, Libya, Venezuela. Curious leaves, RF can be sold to others, to the same dictatorial, regime instrument and other countries can not? Kopil Ilya. "
Listener responds to a question analyst Jacob Roman:
"The theme of implementation tools, so to speak, very intimate. And when they say that those countries get a weapon, and not others, it is not absolutely correct. Instrument can not sell the country or region where there is war, or in respect of which there are sanctions — stress — United Nations sanctions. As I understand Iran under sanctions such falls partly. "
Let’s hear more calls on the Russian woman-Georgian conflict.
"I believe that the Belarusian Foreign Ministry should put in place the Russian Ambassador in Belarus sovereign Surikov. This is not the case after giving a hint management of the country where it is located, in different situations and make statements that are valid only management of. Sovereign Volyus, Gomel."
"I was just struck a pathological hatred of Russian. My question to political scientists, analysts, maybe to the audience and for you, journalists. And what should was done Our homeland? Not to provide humanitarian assistance asetynam, throw them in failure, that they died there? Why do you call this help "invasion", explain to me, please. What happened in 1991-92.? You do not beheld, there happened. And I was there. And God forbid you all to behold what was happening with the people. "
Listener call "Freedom" commented political analyst Alexander Klaskouski:
"How do I know own citizens, among them there is no pathological hatred for the Russian. We really people who are connected and in the historical and economic terms. What still concerns the war in the Caucasus, then, of course, both sides of this drama for thousands of people. I think there should bear responsibility policy. Anyway, here is the euphoria of Russian politicians and even many intellectuals, she put it mildly, is not clear. And I think that Belarusians’ reaction as the independence of the all- also became the consensus for Belarusians. And when such bloody actions, they projects them on the fate of Belarusian independence. Later, these actions unfolded all the same terrain-independent Georgia. Naturally, there is a very complicated history of these regions, which proclaim themselves are independent republics . All the same, should keep in mind that all this happened on the territory of another country. Already worth forget about the Russian Union of times and realize that Georgia’s sovereignty should be respected, as well as the sovereignty of the Russian Federation. "
Many listeners "Liberty" convey sincere compassion civilians affected by the hostilities in the Caucasus, also express their attitude to the actions of the Belarusian authorities:
"We express our sympathy to all those affected as a result of the Russian-Georgian conflict, Georgians and Russian and Abkhaz and asetynam. I shameful for the Belarusian administration, I really shameful for the favorites of the opposition who remained silent, who do not oppose military action, not taking sides. I am very shameful for Belarusian television that information on military conflict gave only after harvesting. Unfortunately, nothing has been said about the Belarusian people: one of them, live. "
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