Liberty Poll: what determines the improvement of your life?

Guy: "Each of us from ourselves and dependent. Necessary to work honestly, to strive for something. Putting goals and achieve them, then live will be exciting."
Lady "First from my efforts, but also from any legislation that allows companies to pay wages that can. "
Man: "From myself in primarily. In-2, from the economy of the country in which I live. And from the little fortune. "
Reporter: "What determines the improvement of your life?"
Man: "Everything in his own hands, as statedsmiling. The main thing — to set a goal and achieve it. "
Lady: "Improving relevant criterion is dependent on the business person to work. Of diligence. "
Man: "I believe what you need more work and less engaged in the discussions. For example, like this war energoelementy prices — it will not work until we get down to work as Americans. And, of course, a large government role here our country. As I think, we came out sick stratification of society. I hate the fact that in modern society there is a business firm that were made here and there in the midst of the 1990s, when there was a division of property. And nothing new for this time not appeared. No credit is given — all only on paper. That’s what I hate. "
Man: "In 1-x, not only from the present system, and from myself, from personal contribution in this life. When I did try, it would be a 99% improvement in my life."
Guy: "From Russia, that management was not bad."
Woman: "Be sure to cancel the policy was, as all this is dependent on us."
Man: "To have excellent conditions for decent work and a decent income. Excellent work — is itself, and so that social support was not bad. "
Guy: "From our environment, from the management of the country, from family and from ourselves."

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