Lida: instead of horse sculpture Gediminas — Russian travel bronze?

Stanislav Sudnik gives local history magazine "Lida chronicler," his very worried — what will the monuments in town and he dreams of sculpture Duke Gediminas:
"We need the usual monument Duke Gediminas, that was like a stallion horse and not a goat, and the prince was not like a bum, and the prince."
Ethnographer reads: Lida from time to time come to the creators, who are trying to encourage the authorities random monuments — that same trip or janitor:
"Janitor I beheld, and others all of them to Lida cornered and they are lying on the Board in various offices. I’m not saying that the monument Gediminas, he is perfect in proportions, but there is a correct way of presenting ideas. And let this creator will come and we’ll see in the morning which are now in Lida wipers, they must send to the beauty contest, and not to put on their caricature. Artwork is not perfect and girls with higher education in the wipers go. I looked at this janitor sits there any alcoholic Baba thick and homeless -bum on the bench. Why shove bullshit here, if in fact it even long gone? Thus Lida here? "
I turned to the master architect Vladimir Panteleeva Grodno region, he agreed that more important for Lida put finally an equestrian statue of the founder of the town of Gediminas, is the primary work, he said.
Doctor of Historical Sciences Ales Krawcewicz of Grodno also has its own point of view over the next Lida monuments:
"If we talk about the Lido, near the hotel to arrange a statue of Russian business trip, it is a symbol, nownal authorities continue to Russian power politics. In what sense? Here is the hotel opposite the castle, a large "hostel", which dominates the castle it’s just disrespect to the historical heritage and architecture. And putting the monument itself, in other words to continue this line. I hope for Lida authorities that they will not go on this adventure. "
"Lida newspaper," but reports that "a week or two" travel "(written specifically so with great bukovkoy) to go to the foundry."

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