Listeners send in pictures of Santa Liberty

"Hello Freedom!
You are asked to send for you to take pictures with the celebration of "Santa". So send a few, but it is already too late. Camera film is: there is shown until saskanavav until processed … So much so it happened. But maybe when needed.

Until shots wish to add a few words. It so happened that I was on the "Forefathers Eve", 20 years ago on the East Cemetery. However, at a meeting "in the" lucky not to participate: get to frolic in Kurapaty, my friends and I went by trolley, but when got there, there was already had a lot of policemen with rods, and we had to get away from them, so sorry for the equipment. But it is not about wanted to say.
On This time passed to the column of the watch factory. Filmed a bit, so it was a little tape, because a huge part of the way just walked among men. Passed and became I really offensively with what spirit did not feel old. 20 years ago all came from the heart, and in This year — from the head. Well, maybe not all, but it is talking about the general mood. Even the cry of "Long live Belarus!" — And he sounded as if on cue. You need to click, that’s clicked, and later on his own affairs again talking. And so every time. But with that and it became insulting.
Perhaps it is necessary that the head came from, because if from the heart, so that some emotions, but not in such a day …

"Shanounaya Freedom!
To send your own photo with Kurapatau 2008.

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