Lithuania is interested in Belarus turned to the European Union

New salting Lithuania has extensive experience prof. Edminas Bagdonas held various positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was ambassador to Italy and adviser to President Valdas Adamkus in international matters. But even with his experience of the brand new head of the Lithuanian embassy in Belarus will be hard, emphasizes in an interview our radio each committee for international affairs of the Lithuanian Parliament Vaclav Stankevich.
Stankevich, "Our salting arrives in Minsk in a very challenging and exciting Belarus time. Belarus at the moment is in such a position it must make choices to determine strategy. And because I believe our salting must explain and do likely to Belarusians realize that they have a neighboring country that comes to NATO and the European Union. And we very much wish to assist neighbors to enter the operational political and economic space. And our salting well aware — if in Belarus will be better for it and Lithuania will also be better. "
Minsk political analyst Andrei Fedorov believes: the brand new ambassador of Lithuania to work in Belarus will complicated his predecessors.
Fedorov: "Previously it was mostly clear — Belarus stands against the West, NATO, has strained the case with the European Union. And Lithuania — friend and he and the other organization. And because the attitude towards them and spread to Lithuania. At this point, of course, will be more difficult, since there have been discussions about turning to the West. And because the West the situation is not entirely clear — or believe it or not. And because every ambassador who works here, almost all have to do to find out: what the real attitude of the Belarusian management ".
Vaclav Stankevich relies on certain configurations in Belarus.
Stankevich "Having in mind the current political situation in Belarus, I really ‘d like (and as a member of the Lithuanian Seimas, and how ethnic Belarusians) that Belarus started rapprochement with the EU. I see this as a very great favor. "

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