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One can only imagine for yourself how many people the word "Druskininkai" pleasantly ekae heart, and awaken a memoir — of summer, sun, water … in short, high-quality rest on mineral waters and curative pine air. Healing in Druskininkai in his time traveling around the Union, who did not get the permit, he rented housing in the personal sector, and superintending the procedure in a sanatorium. They came with their entire families with children, relatives, friends … Short, spa life raged until went abroad and come here and constantly uncomfortable and expensive.
Druskininkai lull ensued, but it is true in the short term. In the near future, this Lithuanian city changed markedly, razbudavalasya — and started to return to its former glory for himself. However, the former especially moved on the second plan. At the moment, there are not first seek out the miraculous "Krynitsa beauty" or Churlionis Museum, and more are asking how to get to the water park. Druskininkai became again a lot of people, voices and languages.Ivanovo
— : They come from everywhere — come from Germany, Israel, come from Poland. Poles again loved our resort; year, they say the Jews of Israel are fewer. Very expensive resort, very expensive!
— A Druskininkai where people going?


In the meantime, cross the border with Belarus, and though not show visa and do not pass customs control. This can not be! But it may be only in Druskininkai. After all, "Belarus" — is a children’s sanatorium specializing in the treatment of gastric disorders and cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy. Every month there are about three hundred lekuetstsa kids from all over Belarus. A resort special status. He not only subordinate to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, but its territory by international agreements, is considered the Belarusian land. So — open the gate and find ourselves in Belarus.
Forward, hand in hand, sent a young lady and a fast boy of four or five. Yas boy, his mother — Will Zalesskaya, came from Minsk, in Druskininkai is not the first time.Zalesskaya

From stay in Druskininkai and have another surprise result, which does not apply to health and healing. Here in Druskininkai, the mother often says Olya with Yasik Belarusian.Zalesskaya
— : I desire to speak in the Belarusian language, when I’m here and abroad. In Poland or Lithuania or Ukraine checkout. It is a pity that our native language in "bypass" is not used.
— What you need to do at home, so it was more?
Talk with the children, to give kids in Belarusian schools, but we, unfortunately, when the gymnasium, if the school — she in the Russian language. Where we in Minsk gymnasium in Belarusian?Sapach

— Well, tell me where this shirt took. I wish you a …
— Well, here and there, that he took (reads in Russian).
— Mother bought?
— Mother, of course.
— Where did you come here?
— From Baranovichi.
— Why, then, with me talking in Russian, I understand Belarusian.
— So you do Belarusian.
— And you?
— Belarusian.
So why in Belarusian with me do not say, so I am surprised.Sapach
— : Second boy, apparently in favor of the aunt with a microphone, try to answer in Belarusian.
— I … my name is Yaroslav.
— By not miss home?
No, mother every day calling for the post, do not miss.Sapach
: And then — what about Druskininkai tell mom returned home.Yaroslav
— : This city ochen beautiful, very decent ochen environmental, not a lot of cars, dvizhenie neobostrennoe. We beheld the church, walked to the monument to the first king Mindaugas (says in broken Belarusian), walked to the church dedicated Kurlenisu.
— Who?

— : Rows before summer stage evenly filled with imposing public resort. Mature ladies in white dresses open, srebravalosyya Cavaliers with photos and cameras on the chest, in a separate circle huddled young Nurse with strollers and focus on yourself for pregnant pullets. See Dr. Ivan breaking, his own good friend and davneshnego Druskininkai.
And how fundamentally that Belarus was represented here?Burst
— : To at least know that there is such a Belarus.
— Very surprising to hear geta.Zdes, they say, 8 km to the border and abroad — Belarus, as it can not know?
They do not know. Do not know! And do not want to know. And for what it is, Belarus? To these visas were not, it would be relaxed drove people. A visas are now expensive. Here at the moment in the main gasoline tourists. It’s cheaper, then carry out here. And at the moment there prices are rising, and then these will not drive.Sapach
: Neither almost not exaggerating when I say that for many inhabitants of the Lithuanian border Druskininkai Belarus image associated with the personality of this beautiful man. Ivan breaks the professional doctor artaped, many parents hope he returned the best, putting his feet — literally! — Children cerebral palsy patients. Children grew up, but remember decent doctor.Burst
— : One each year come to me. Arrives in a sanatorium, he’s sick of cerebral palsy, comes to us, certainly. Always with a souvenir — that book, bring a box of chocolates, such Boris Swedes. He has long been an adult, he has his own kids adults.
— You have cured him completely?
— No. But it forces many laid. He’s the one time was 9 months in a row. He remembers it all. Gipsavali it … Blood spoiled us a lot (laughs), but to present a day or appreciate this man. Although invalid of the first group.
— Have you ever regretted that become a doctor? All the same, it’s hard — the pain of others …

— : Druskininkai Ivan hit the rassredotachivaniyu, worked all his life in one place, in the sanatorium "Belarus". Immediately, at the sanatorium, 20 years ago, Ivan together with like-minded Society did Belarusian culture. Since 2001, Dr. retired. Not only and not so much the years came as forced disease.
— Ivan Ivanovich, and all your diseases from what?
— And who knows? .. I would have thought it all — war, war and post-war period, all grew up in the cold, hunger and terror. In 1943 we were kicked, burned … go where you want. Father was, my father was a communist concrete, since the times of the Polish wandered by the bullpen, even Lukishki was.
— And you do not come to the party?
— No, never. Not entered, no matter how much persuading. Yes and career did not. And do not regret it. I then did not agree with what happened, and at the moment do not agree with what is being done. In Belarus. And I will agree that, when there is not what I need?
— What is necessary, Ivan?
— Belarus Belarusian need, first, the rest will follow. And at the moment Belarus Russian and Russian. Consider the province, with some signs of independence. But what’s independence if the borders are open, and without any control? ..
— But Lukashenko — the guarantor of independence, Belarus is still a separate country …
— Right. Guarantor. After previously wanted to break into the capital, the Kremlin throne, and he was not given the go. It’s better to be president of the country to be independent than a provin
ce governor. A long there vtrymaessya — asked.
— It is independent "of trouble?"
— From failure, I think. So it is more reasonable policy with the West and led business established, it would be completely different. He would have traveled the whole world would be. Well, God did not give …
— What will happen next?
— Let us live a long time …
— I can not for a long time. I have the same two heart attacks, heart attacks and clinical death. I was dead. I Grodno resuscitation pumped, I was in another world …
— And there, in that light?
— I do not know. What they say there, some tunnels, I did nothing beheld.
— Ivan, made sure that there was nothing decent not currently live here.
— There’s no one we did not expect, it’s all a fairy tale, they say that some of the tunnel … Oh, the concert begins.

Sapach: Speaker amateur Chapel of the border, Belarusian Vertelishek. To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of this art. But the public likes.
Stocky Lithuanian peasants, which can be seen on the faces that now they improved their health not only mineral water, they say that the concert was good. And memories of Belarus in their great and good that Lukashenko youth because in Klaipeda, where they came from, buys a lot of herrings, and this means that they have a job.
Moderate wife klaypedkih sailors say that it is always perfectly dressed Belarusian artists. Come and have great voices.
Valya Ivanovo, on whose shoulders bore the brunt of the organization prazdnichka finally sigh with relief. We can assume that all happened.

Ivanovo: Current prazdnichek helps us conduct Cultural Center town of Druskininkai. They tell us they say: "I want to help those who himself wants to do something."
— And why do you want to do it all?
— After the hunt to Belarusian sounded here, and as themselves — Belarusians. And for something a little sad Belarus. Hunt to Belarusian song sounded that the Belarusian language sounded, not to read: "Ugh, I can not stand etat Belarussian language!" It can be heard, and quite often, kids from Belarus: "Ugh, I can not stand etat Belarussian language." ..
Sapach: Leaving Druskininkai, I can not help but gain a "beauty Sources" miraculous bottle Solana bitter water. I will bathe in the morning, I’ll mention Druskininkai and "Belarus". Well, at the same time and prettier …

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