Loans take harder

Many Belarusians willing to use the services of credit banks.
Ms. Natalia: "I, for example, not so long ago she took credit for the Christmas year. Without guarantors. During the week I bought it and decided, he wisheda ".
Mrs. Lena: "And I had a girlfriend before the New Year took credit. Obtained without problems. I was guarantors. Loan," Belpromstroibank "issued this week. True, he was little."
As they say citizens, after the New Year to get a loan has become more difficult.
Emperor Basil: "I myself faced with this. Well, life in general has changed. Became more difficult. A year later, they say, will be even harder."
Reporter: "What do you want to take a loan?"
Emperor Basil: "build apartment in Minsk. I did not from Minsk — of Stolbtsy district. But working here — constant work. Family need to acquire — to live somehow need. A rented apartment — it’s not cheap."
"Priorbank" on last week officially announced dilemmas lending. The press service said that the bank temporarily suspend new contracts for ruble loans. Of how to clarify, monetary system in the former regime can not work because of the narrowness and overhead currency market today. In "Priorbank" believe that must remove the restriction of the State Bank on the credit margin.
Position "Priorbank" divides and several other Belarusian banks. According to bankers, in January of the population and economic entities decreased number of people willing to make foreign currency deposits in Belarusian banks. Companies are obliged to make additional resources price increase Russian energoelementov. And people scares the likely increase in inflation and devaluation of Belarusian assets. The State Bank of alarm signals banking sector know, but believe there must adapt to the new intensive monetary conditions. Says Head of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov disk imaging.
Drozdov, "On present day money markets adjacent states many a cheap resource. Banks can attract very a cheap loan of the same, for example, the Baltic States, which is filled with a cheap means of Euro Union to implement this currency in the exchange market and thus meet the needs of your own client. Unfortunately, far not all banks are willing to do it. "
Yet, as said Anatoly Drozdov, the State Bank does not rule out an adjustment in the credit policy in the first quarter of this year.

Export credit agencies of the Member States of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development included Belarus in the seventh, the worst group on the level of credit risk. In the second group are Georgia and Armenia, and Ukraine, who held this position for the last 5 years, has been translated into the fourth. Our homeland is translated in the third group, where there is another former Russian republic — Latvia.

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