Los Angeles Times: Putin: the louse that closes

Some Western newspapers with articles arranged not by habit hard headings. "Los Angeles Times" in the article "Putin: the louse that closes", notes that Russian President should first loaf on its antidemocratic anger before mount nostalgia Russians Soviets. At first glance, the newspaper writes, Putin’s words are similar to the standard claims of Western liberals to "individual leadership" of America, but from the mouth antyliberalnaga favorite these words have a very different color scheme — naizloveschy and absurd.
"International Herald Tribune" Named his article "Putin’s gratitude — Splash Bush." The newspaper listed the concessions of, which made for Washington past year. Contrary to proposals to end membership of in the "Big Eight" and ignore the structure summit in St. Petersburg, Bush went to the summit. And what’s the answer? — Asks edition and answers: no steps forward from Moscow on Iran, Bush did not wait — Our homeland contrary to totally ineffective softened UN resolution in Iran, and Putin’s regime continued the policy of energy blackmail and it looks like a hand in the murder of former FSB officer Litvinenko. And then the newspaper mockingly calls not accept Putin’s speech in Munich as the beginning of the latest "cool war" as "such a conflict obviously not in the interests of countries with commodity-dependent economies, whose democratic structure in terms of development corresponds approximately to Nigeria."
Newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" has placed an article titled "Chutzpah translated into Russian means insolence." "You — refers to the edition of Putin — Russian civilization gained incarnation insolence … With your speech Saturday … you asked about the murder on October 7th, journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who exposed the existing order. You even did not say her name . But you helpfully pointed out that over the past 18 months "is the huge number of journalists killed in Iraq." It’s true. But Moscow — not a war zone. And compared with Russia in Iraq enough free press. Upon your arrival to power was committed 13 contract killings of reporters … And in any of these cases, the suspect was not even charged … "
English "The Financial Times" asks what purpose Russian president? And he answers: maybe they are more moderate than those of which spoke in Washington and Brussels. This is not a fight for the Allies after the "cool war" and the newest first confrontation, but only the desire to again be considered only player in the wider arena …
German "Die Welt" calls Putin’s visit to the Middle East typical business tour. "Our homeland Raw Power tends to more closely alliance with the gas and oil exporters and finds ways to enter the international arena", — the newspaper writes.
A South American "The Washington Post" playing with a sympathetic article "The moment that Putin did not have to lose." Creator of the text says that he was in the hall of the Munich conference during Putin’s speech. In his view, a Russian favorite speech sounded not so much vayavnichasts as "honor, rudeness, quips," and Putin himself behaved "provocatively." According to the views of the creator of the article, Putin’s words are a manifestation of bitter feelings that vserasprostraneno in. Putin’s generation grew up in a country that had the status of "superpower", and now they are not willing to be not registered with them — writes "The Washington Post".

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