Loshitsa defended art and marriage

Shallow Lisa diligently prints on paper lime alley, which likes to play with their parents.
"I draw trees, grass and road Loshitsa."
Freshman 1st of Minsk institutions Ilya joined this impromptu plein air with fear for the fate of the favorite destinations:
"I just care about the fate of the park. And when I vyznat reconstruction of these plans, particularly when it became clear to demolish the old buildings and reincarnation Loshitsa in a park like a park glyamurnenki bitter, I it is very did not like. I came here together with other July 21, and then we decided to get together now and arrange art open-air. "
Young woman near Marianna renders recognizable Loshitskiy manor house:
"Today we draw the estate, that the estate plans around which resonated. Old manor. It is of great historical and cultural value and its fate zaklapotsiv us. "
Girlfriend Marianne Alexander believes in people’s power similar shares:

Smallness aloof young painters few ladies were walking around in the alleys of the medieval suits. And it was their form protest plans of destruction in starasvechchyny Loshitsa. Teacher Larissa Kozak:
"There can not be another, especially because it was Prushinskie estate from 1530 until the end of the nineteenth century."Correspondent
"And if the rebuilt mansion, will make here the beauty of plastic, so you get dressed?"Kozak

Curator of the current art events Loshitsa artist Nick Sandros hopes that the public will keep this magical place the Minsk:

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