Lukashenko chooses a course on multidirectional insulation?

January 14 he thanked Evrazvyazayazu and U.S. support in the Belarusian-Russian energy war and read, Belarus will never forget. More generous advances and scattered in an interview with the West German newspaper Die Welt-mentioned there about a union of states and transit countries and consumers of energy, and the ability of implementation of the Belarusian companies Western business and many other things. The only thing that did not read in an interview with Alexander Lukashenko Raru — so it’s about the ability of democratization in Belarus.
Lukashenko was expecting the West will open its arms to Belarus …
Practically for sale exhibited the role of Belarus as a new geopolitical opponent of. Approximately the same in time Duke Vytautas, quarreling with the princes of Jagiello, negotiated a joint action with yesterday’s enemies — the Crusaders. Zhmud-ie today’s Lithuania, Vytautas in exchange for supporting the Order promised to give three times. Since that trade, which began today manage Belarus, fully in line with the historical tradition. Only a little time on the other.
It will be recalled that for many years Lukashenko explained that all claims and pressure from the West have a common cause — because Belarus is a staunch ally of Russia. At the moment, such explanations can not be heard, but offers the same scheme, only inverted — as sayuznitstvam appeared with enormous challenges, the West should open its arms to Belarus.
.. But did not wish to agree to the "unfeasible demands" of the European Union
We will not guess what the negotiations are open or secret, occurred in recent weeks. But their total Lukashenko himself announced in yesterday’s interview with Reuters, he may not even be out of the question, that Belarus has agreed to "unworkable requirement" of the European Union on freedom of the media, free elections and the rule of law, which Last year have been allocated by the European Commission to improve the relations between the EU and Belarus.
It follows that the geopolitical bait did not work diplomatically exploits political Protz repeat failed and conditions to improve relations with the West were exactly the same as before the Belarusian-Russian conflict.
But the basic thrust of the interview was to Lukashenko Reuters for insults, accusations and threats in the address of.
So makarom yesterday’s statement of course to represent Belarus, so to speak, "Multidirectional isolation" on confrontation and the West and the East. Belarus chooses the path of modern North Korea or Albania of Enver Hoxha era.

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