Lukashenko: Our homeland is cut off from the European market

Russian oil companies, which supply oil through Belarus, studied the situation in connection with the increase in the official Minsk transit tariffs. According to the decree of the Ministry of Economy, the new rates will take effect from February 15. Official dealer of "Lukoil" Dmitry Dolgov said:
Debt: "At the moment our experts at studying the application Belarusian side to increase tariffs for pumping. It takes time. Until February 15, there is still time. I think at this point we will take it or other a decision that may be announced additionally. "
Approximately the same and said the representative of "Rosneft" Nikolay Manvelav:
Manvelav: "Now we analyze the situation. Responses — this case countries. I can tell, that part of the company, we analyze the situation. "
Representative of the company "Gomeltransneft" Friendship ", who asked not to call his name, explained that the company" Transneft "has focused additional agreement to the contract. This company needs to justify the new rates to the oil companies, which will pay them.
According to the "Gomeltransneft" Friendship ", for 10 years, these rates have not changed. But the increase in electricity tariffs forced to go to such a step. Ultimately Belarusian fare will cost approximately equal to domestic Russian. But it is about 30 percent lower than in Poland and in Ukraine.
On the objectives of the campaign "Transneft" to build a pipeline bypassing Belarus representative "Gomeltransneft" Friendship, "said" The Russian side does not hide that he is a candidate pipeline "Druzhba". In principle, the new pipeline will help to minimize the risk of transit. "
Regarding the construction of an export pipeline bypassing Belarus and expressed Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with "Reuters". He referred to an underwater pipeline absurd affair.
Lukashenka: "This path is twice the RF will be more expensive. Necessary imply position of Europeans and especially the Swedes and Norwegians, Danes. Regarding what overloaded Baltika such makarom still flooded with oil. In the end, that’s their business and law. We have put themselves ahead of the puzzle that we solve certainly — diversification of hydrocarbon supplies to Belarus. "
As a result, according to the head of Belarus, Our homeland will be cut off from the Western European market. But if Our homeland abandon monetary, economic claims against Belarus, and Belarus will make a similar move.

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