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The law has come into force on September 1, 2010. In accordance with it, "the municipal authorities, other organizations and citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as foreign citizens and stateless persons, constantly or temporarily living in the areas of the Republic of Belarus shall be governed by the rules of the Belarusian spelling and punctuation, zatsverdzhanymi this law, in all areas and cases Use Belarusian written language. "
Approved the law "On the rules of the Belarusian orthography and punctuation" brand new version of the rules to the nearest time and consistent karektavalasya (Changes in the text of the rules have been made since 1999, when the working group headed by Academician Alexander Podluzhny released the first version of the latest edition of "spell check").
Founders of Russian audit by spelling reference hitherto not released in print complete list of all uvozhanyh configurations and adjustments.
Of individual publications and discussions clear, namely that the latest editions of the official standard Belarusian spelling:
abrogated the exception of spelling I in numerals and adlichebnikavyh words (eg, ninth, eighteen, 10-ka);

conducted a partial simplification of spelling in: in expanding first borrowing (eg, the institute, for Uniates); 

preserving zevrannya vowels realized "Akan" at the end of borrowing (eg, Adagio, rodeo, trio, Medea, Tokyo, but always radio);
held "Akan" at the end -ale, -er take the word (eg, runny nose, pick, warrant, untar);

introduced with great writing bukovkoy words or combinations of words, which is the official name of the person occupies the highest municipal and religious positions (eg, President of the Republic of Belarus, the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus);

with large bukovkoy are written word God within the meaning of the supreme deity (and derivatives God) And all the words in the titles of the founders of religious teachings, as biblical persons (eg, St. Paul);
with large bukovkoy will be written here, too large municipal documents (eg, Law of the Republic of Belarus, Presidential Decree).

V.Zdanovich: "All items should follow this spell"

In late February, when the bill "On the rules of spelling and punctuation" was prepared for consideration in the 2nd reading, the chairman of the Commission on Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technological Progress of the House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanowicz talked to him why, in his opinion, at the moment specifically need regimentation written literary Belarusian language: Just so, and not otherwise — ignoring real by spelling standards:

"More and more people, not only scientists, but even everyday ordinary people who use the Belarusian language, come to the conclusion that if there are multiple spellings, some variants of spelling, it leads eventually to the destruction of language. This can be compared as one biblical example, when people built a huge tower to get to heaven, and later Lord beguiled their language — and the tower remained unfinished. And even she later collapsed. So could happen with our Belarusian language. particularly bad it affects the affairs of the Belarusian language of youth, which is just starting to learn this language. Various spellings in various publications — they evoke in the minds of a hodge-podge of our youth. Therefore it is necessary to come to the same rules of writing rules Belarusian spelling and punctuation. And maybe this about and they are introduced by means of the law, and not just by government decree. "
Founders of the adoption of the law "On the rules of spelling and punctuation" emphasize that they are concerned that the language was measured. Repeated the idea that through coexistence by spelling variants are destroyed literary language.

June 24, a day when the law "On the rules of spelling and punctuation" was adopted in the 2nd reading of the House of Representatives, the situation in the air of "Liberty" commented linguist, teacher, one of the drafters of the arch "Belarusian traditional spelling" Dmitry Sauko:

Unfortunately, just MPs engendered a situation in which we already have two options within the boundaries of the 1st by spelling standard — the official spelling

"When talking about the stability of the language confuse two things. One of them — a certain stability by spelling reference. Unfortunately, just MPs engendered a situation in which we already have two options within the boundaries of the 1st by spelling standard — the official spelling. If have in mind exactly what tarashkevitsa destroys the unity of the Belarusian language, I’d rather say the subsequent: tarashkevitsa was the first benchmark. And completely no matter who writes tarashkevitsa, writes or talerue not talerue — this fact in the history of language, its refute unrealistic.
So patron unity spelling norms reduce the conversation to them lucrative trails, ignoring trivial facts: on the one hand they say they Stability spelling, on the other hand — it destabilizes.
De facto "Star" has long destroys the official standard. Please 2000s Institute of Linguistics, with Academician A.Podluzhnogo, issued a list of configurations in spelling, which started — either more or less alternately — implemented in language newspaper "Zvezda".
Since last year, the efforts of the Ministry of Education began to move certain configurations in methodical magazines — for teachers, creating in their heads "porridge". In other words, the creeping destruction comes not from those people who practice tarashkevitsa because they are not allowed in any way in any municipal publishers because tarashkevitsa is not at risk.
A destabilizer times was the Institute of Linguistics in the face of his own head, and at the moment this line of conduct, not as scary as it sounds, the Ministry of Education, through Victor Ivchenkova, who is advisor to the minister of education. Here are people who practically undermined and undermine this stability, making everything to razmyvavsya spelling. And it ultimately destabilize the situation in the sphere of education and then narrowed the scope of the official standard of the Belarusian language, which remains under the control of the country. "

I think it’s a linguistics has no direct relationship. This game plan faster bureaucratic than scientific

Ph.D Doctor Gennady Tsyhun was a member of the State Commission for spelling reform running Gilevich Nile, which was in the first half of the 1990s. Its members in 1994 concluded nyasvoechasovastsi configurations by spelling in the official benchmark. By Dr. Tsihuna views, brand new edition of the official spelling not bring significant configurations. A purpose of the adoption of the law on Tsihuna lie not in the scientific field:
"Maybe it is oriented against the consumption tarashkevitsa, but I think this is a linguistics has no direct relationship. This kind of game plan bureaucratic faster than scientific."
By law, posted on the newspaper’s website "Star", "Municipal authorities, other organizations and citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as foreign citizens and stateless persons, either constantly or temporarily living temporarily in areas of
Belarus, the Belarusian must manage the rules of spelling and punctuation, approved this law, in all areas and use cases written Belarusian language. "

"Until linguistics law has nothing to do"

"The rules of spelling develop people who want to spit on the Belarusian language"
Z.Savka "to illegal white-red-white flag and join Chases" tarashkevitsa "

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