Lukashenko wants to capitalize on the global food doldrums

In This year sale of goods supply abroad must reach 2 billion dollars.
In the criteria hungry riots in several regions of the world, in the words Lukashenko, God gave Belarusians chance, once oil companies — to capitalize on the rapid growth of food prices. As an example, Lukashenko referred to the United Nations statistics, according to which in the next year from hunger Worldwide may die 17 million people.
Before leaving the Brest region of Belarus President focused on the fact that at the moment of the grain they say more than oil and gas, because, according to him, it would be a crime to lose bread. He promised to bring all criminal responsibility, who do not realize it: "As long as a couple of people will not plant, you do not understand" — Lukashenko threatened. Now Lukashenko confirmed that will not stop at nothing — even if one day all will be fired.
Previous Minister of Agriculture, member of the House of Representatives Misha Light Brown agrees with the head of the country that come to Belarus a very good time to be used in full:
"His food security Belarus decided back in 1996. And from that time until the real borders of the country for products we sell on average, the amount above 1 billion 600 million dollars. At least, over the past year from the sale of food prepared specifically as means.

All in the field, rolling up his sleeves

Once a year, the village, the public sector is growing by 7-8% of total production. This is our reserve. In other words, totally secured and plus every year we grows to 8% in the public livestock — the former collective and state farms, and now agricultural cooperative, farmers give this growth. In addition, we have in store rather harsh land — above 1st hectares per person. New technologies are being introduced, not destroyed by agriculture, but rather he revived. Worked very impressive programm rural revival. "
During the meeting in the Kamenetz district Alexander Lukashenko ordered to start mass harvesting grain nationwide July 26. "Everyone in the field, rolling up his sleeves" — called Lukashenko.
Among other Alexander Lukashenko said that the young specialist, directed by rassredotachivaniyu without the permission of the district or regional executive committee fails to move to another job, reports BELTA. "We’ll think about it to realize, that without breaking anything," — said Alexander Lukashenko. He added that for young professionals in rural areas should be made relevant conventional conditions, and that the government can now provide it. Tags: Lukashenko collection

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