M.Zeltser not allowed to come to the tribunal over his brother

Belarusian authorities not allowed Mark Zeltser, living in New York, come to Belarus for the trial of his brother Emanuel Zeltser, which begins July 30.
"This is the second failure. First time I asked for permission to meet with his brother shortly after his arrest in March. Refused. Who asked for permission to be on the court as a relative. Again refused. This is all done on purpose, so as not to become known the truth about this case "- Said Mark Zeltser.
According to Mark Zeltser, which he received from the U.S. State Department, the U.S. embassy also appealed to Belarusian authorities requesting that representatives of the Embassy was at the trial and E. Zeltser Vladlena Funk, but did not receive permission. Tags: Zeltser, brother Tribunal

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