Malady can release detainees NIGHT MODE

Lawyers Paul and Alexander Sapelka Galiyev not exclude after Man indicted interrogation. Article 193 of the Criminal Code (in the role of an unregistered organization) does not provide for detention. If put to the court favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich, the investigators referred to the fact that he had no Minsk resident and was not fit for questioning.
Mom Dmitri Fedoruk Ira hopes that her son will come out now:
Fedoruk: "In this case I first lady and mother. I believe that our people are not in vain called moderate. I hope that common sense will overcome. Guy March 5 will be only nineteen years old. Isolate him for what he threatens municipal formation, — only that prays, and the flag icon is a different color, do not read those books? .. If, for example, it was an organization like the Irish Republican Army or the Basque separatists, then, obviously, a different attitude. And that, in principle, is a Christian signs can not be brutal. "
Oleg Korban on two years older Dmitri Fedoruk. He was detained at home when he and his friends celebrated dvatstsatsigodde. For brother Oleg Korban Basil, it was a surprise.
Corban: "triumph, suddenly" mask show "came … cordoned off the whole staircase, neighbors called witnesses … We are all kicked out into the street. Naturally worry — that still have and how many times before we walked with my dad, pulled his action from the police. "
Companions Aleh Korban and Dmitri Fedoruk KGB investigators are awaiting a decision. Activists "Junior Front"Said" Freedom ", which in the case of the arrest of the men take a range of street protests against the authorities.
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