Malady forced to repent

Activist "Malady Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk said investigators KGB had on him and Aleh Korban psychological pressure. Recall men were detained on February 4 and addition time kept in the bullpen, "American." Three days later released and ordered to appear for questioning.
Since relatives for a long time did not know where Oleg, the police filed a statement that he was kidnapped by unknown masked. Now Oleg failed to participate in the press conference, as owed to give this occasion clarification Partyzanski police district of Minsk.
Dmitriy Fedoruk told that their Oleg kept in solitary confinement. On snyadanne yachnuyu brought tea and porridge for dinner — pea soup. Dmitriy Fedoruk says:
Fedoruk: "They asked us to write a paper about what we get out of the" Young Front ", paper remorse nepravaty own understanding. Asked to write a letter to the president that we dissolve the" Young Front "that it is no more. Interrogations were different. They had read when will follow. reads just questioning tomorrow to cook, slept. I woke up early, expecting, and did not cause all the questioning. Interrogation only late in the evening. I do not spill. The cell had hours. Knew only time when brought food and allowed to make a bucket with garbage. Investigators were that some of my friends wrote to me on the application. But I realized that it was not true. "
Oleg Korban told "Freedom":
Corban: "During the interrogation, I began to scare the fact that this criminal case reincarnated in the business as a "Partnership" — for managing an organization that violates the rights and interests of the people. There sanction articles up to 3 years. NIGHT MODE summoned for questioning. Always frighten, kept cool in a black chamber. I am constantly walking jacket. Investigators warned us that we will constantly is under control. Reads, so we certainly walked in for questioning, as will as with Dashkevich. "
Malady do not rule out that the list of suspects in a criminal case against the "Young Front" Strength can.
KGB officers who raided the apartments of minors, their parents have warned that kids can bring to justice, as they have already turned sixteen.
Dmitriy Fedoruk said that the action will take place on February 14 in any case:
Fedoruk: "In all of these prosecutions, the pressures on young people" Young Front "answer in Valentine’s day on February 14 in 18 hours at the Freedom Square. It will be colorful show where" Young Front "will deliver on the whole country, that he was alive, that the Belarusian young people do not seem under any pressure that we stand and endure in our faith that in the end we will win. "
Dmitriy Fedoruk and Oleg Korban told investigators KGB interrogations gave them the information they have read about men in the press and on websites while they were in the "American."

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