Malady Korban and Fedoruk kept in solitary confinement

Investigators found out the interrogation activities and Fedoruk in Korban "Young front. "Lawyers do not exclude that the guys tomorrow may bring charges. They put their trust that the Young whereupon released on bail. They have the status of suspects in a criminal case, which aroused the KGB for his role in an unregistered organization. Children held in detention since February 4. Favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich is serving a sentence in Shklou bullpen with the same accusation.
What is a "preventive council"?
Dmitry associates and Oleg believe that the KGB initiated criminal case even before February 4, when during a meeting of the central council of the organization detained 27 people. They refer to the fact that KGB, despite the day off, they did so for themselves warrant searches in apartments activists.
Now school administrators call the Young, who were detained on February 4 on "prevention advice." Director, his deputies and social teacher talking to parents and students. Typically, students who misbehave or have unsatisfactory ratings, tied for the school records. This also applies to students participating in opposition actions.
"This is exactly 1937"
Paul Seviarynets, past favorite "Young Front", who is serving a sentence at the "chemistry" for the company street demonstrations protest rigged elections and referendum, said "Freedom":
Seviarynets: "Work with parents, working with the school administration, he lieth in wait, spend night interrogations … In other words it is exactly in 1937." Young Front "is a favorite of the Belarusian youth. Regime can not take control"Young Front"Unlike many other organizations. He can not make a partnership, or to intimidate, as Malady ideological people. Favourites Malady — people of faith are also people who believe in their victory and go to the end, more unsafe for the current regime" .
Paul Seviarynets not rule out that "an American" may be even a few activists. In addition, most of the political prisoners — members of the "Young Front". Artur Finkevich Paul Seviarynets serving sentences for "chemistry" Zmitser Dashkevich — in the bullpen.
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