March 1, drunk driving can get in jail

One of the developers of new rules against violators of traffic that March 1 will join the Administrative Code, the senior inspector of traffic police in the special instructions of Alexander Zanimon. According to Police Major Zanimon just corrected and put 25 pt, which one way or another raising concern of road users.
Zanimon: "We went to the introduction of more stringent liability for those offenses, which are characterized by great difficulty effects, and more are often a prerequisite for traffic accidents."
During 2006, died on the roads in 1722 human
The representative of the Traffic Police of Belarus Igor Wynn believes that emergency calls statistics need to strengthen accountability for offenders.
Wynn: "For the twelve months 2006 in 8257 the country recorded road accidents. Died 1722 individuals, 8805 were injured to varying degrees of severity. The only positive indicator, which we overlooked in 2006, the number of accidents due to drunk drivers. "
Intoxicated driving can get in jail
According to police bureaucrat decrease drinking and driving have contributed just more stringent measures that are introduced in the past year. March 1 trip "under shafe" will pull not only deprivation of rights Three years, yes and a fine equivalent to 450 bucks. For repeated violation of the case for the offender will be transferred to the court, which will determine the degree of responsibility. According to Wynn, relapse may end and custodial arrest.
Wynn: "Changes in the administrative law quite a lot. Introduce new administrative penalties. Such as remedial work, administrative detention, deprivation of the right to engage in certain activities that require a special permit, the deportation of foreign people with terrain Republic of Belarus, if they flagrantly violate our laws. We reserve the right to directly use from March 1, the highest administrative measures. "
Much planned to increase the responsibility for exceeding speed mode. Speeding at 30 miles per hour pulls fine up to 10 baselines (about 150 dollars). Repeated violation within a year can serve as a prerequisite for fine fifteen baselines and deprivation of the right to drive a vehicle up to a year.
Talking on the phone while driving — 62 thousand
Penalties spread to passersby, cyclists, passengers cartage. Incidents with the role of these users, which caused injury or damage to personal property or municipal, March 1 cause penalty from 4 to 20 baselines. March 1, driving it on a mobile phone will cost two basic values — 62 thousand rubles.

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