March 25 in Minsk held a rally and concert For Independence

Members of the Policy Board for a long time could not come to an agreement about a day or for a street protest. Some politicians have suggested to organize a rally on March 19, the anniversary of presidential elections. Others insisted to organize action specifically on day Freedom March 25. United states favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko
Lebedko "As for action on March 25, for us it’s completely unprincipled. We want to use the political campaign of the local elections, as mobilization on March 19. We thought that this was the position of one candidate. Unfortunately, it was not implemented in practice. We have lost time, tempo, energy. Because the 25th — meaning 25th. For us, it is not fundamentally.
As for Congress, I voted with one amendment. By this time, must be prepared documents which can be present society as a valuable candidate. This "small constitution" and a platform that provides an answer to those questions which now trevozhut society. These are issues of socio-economic content. "
"Small Constitution" by Anatoly Lebedko views, should answer the question, what will be the management system in Belarus during the transition step.
But that said on preparations for the rally on March 25 member of the organizing committee, vice-chairman Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada Alex Lord:
Hurt: "Resolved, the 25th to hold a protest-rally" For Independence ". Well, in connection with the neuvvyazkami that appeared — first this energy crisis. With such a promise that eventually independence meaningful and authorities. And confirm that permission to hold such shares. "
The organizing committee for action on March 25 prepares appeal to Alexander Lukashenko — in it, in the midst of the rest, it is proposed to make the proclamation of the BNR prazdnichkom day.

In the photo: specifically this shot Eugene Atsetskaga from Minsk — "March 25, 2006" — defeated in the competition for Freedom 2006.

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