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We all know what a traditional marriage. The husband and wife live together, have a common household, ideally — to observe monogamy (ie, do not change friend other). Such marriage can be officially registered or not (the so-called civil marriage). And many people think that this is the only possible form of marital relations. However, this is not the case. Marriages, like women, are different.

Free, guest, group, virgin — these are the kinds of unions, in addition to traditional. Moreover, they are not so rare as it may seem at first glance. Just two or more (in the case of group marriage) people are choosing this form of co-existence, which, for them, the most convenient and comfortable. And if it suits them, everyone is happy and happy, so — okay.

Let's start with the latter. Virgin marriage looks no different from the traditional one, but it does not spouses are sexually active. In the words of Sergei Agarkov sexologist, "sexual relations in marriage is possible, but not mandatory." To some this may seem a strange alliance, while others will be quite natural.

Reasons virginity marriage too different — complete lack of husband and wife in sexual matters, the inability to be sexually active life due to some circumstances, the disease of one or both spouses, advanced age. Not so long ago became widely known incident in the life of one foreign couple. Brought up in excessive rigor, boy and girl get married. After living for eight years, they have come to the doctor with the problem of childlessness. When the doctor asked about the rhythm of their sex life, the couple were confused because they do not understand what they mean. After that, they had to take a serious course of sexual education at the sexologist and rehabilitation — a therapist. Thus, the eight-virgin marriage gradually turned into a traditional shape.

But the virgin marriages and quite consciously, by agreement of the bride and groom. Both simply refuse to certain reasons of sexual life. Suppose there were two older, not too healthy person who is simply no longer needed. They enjoy spending time together, help, support each other. In general, live almost like brother and sister.

The tendency to enter into such marriages among young people who call themselves asexual, has been growing in the world. Reluctance to have children and hence the deliberate refusal of sex as from wasting energy — their choice.

Group marriages

Polygyny — polygamy, one of the historical forms of marriage, mainly inherent patriarchy. Sometimes, instead of the term "polygyny" is used vague term "polygamy". Polygamy (from the Greek poly. Gámos — marriage) — polygamy.

Polyandry — a form of group marriage in which a woman has multiple husbands, who are not related.

Tradition and some other Muslim nations implies polygamy. There are countries where polygyny is legal status. There made to the family at one husband had several wives. Women raising children engaged in farming, pleasuring her husband, who, in turn, should financially support his entire harem, no one is deprived.

Open marriage

Open marriage, as described above, is intended spouses living together, keeping the overall economy, but excludes monogamy. In other words, in his own personal sex life husband and wife are completely free. They openly give birth to parallel stories without the need to hide anything from its second half. This does not prevent sex between husband and wife. If both parties are satisfied with the situation of freedom in their marriage does not warp, such relationships are normal. It is very important to be able to agree and comply with each of the internal environment, mental health (as, indeed, in any other union). The problem of raising children, the problem of asymmetry of access to the freedom or the desire to have her in marriage one of the spouses, a lot of other nuances can undermine or destroy the fragile balance.

For example, up to a point open marriage all arranged. Then the child was born, wife immersed in a care home, and my husband continues to lead a dissolute lifestyle. It is unlikely that she will be delighted. After all, freedom of sexual life does not alter the foundations of marriage — mutual respect, assistance, support, co-parenting. We need to talk to each other, to explain the situation to come to a mutually beneficial compromise or … leave and start a new life.

Guest marriage

Guest marriage — the dream of many avid bachelors and (or) workaholics, feel, finally, the need to have a loved one, but are not ready to radically change the established way of life. The two met, fell in love, got married. However, to live under the same roof does not plan to. Officially and emotionally being husband and wife, they continue to live in their own apartment, meeting, when it suits them. Thus, spouses may be housemates or street, city or country, and may even be in different states. That does not prevent them to love and understand friend other, care for, celebrate holidays together, spend holidays, to have common interests and work together, to have children — in this case to be quite happy.

There are many examples of beautiful couples living in their own apartment and periodically visiting guests. Generally speaking, a week staying with my husband's wife, and then she goes to him and the like

To sum up, we can only repeat that any union has the right to exist. If it suits both spouses, all family members are satisfied and happy, so that's suited to the particular people, that's right for them live fine and good.

It is better to agree on the form of co-existence that satisfies all parties, than to lie and lead a double life. It will be more honest. So you do not injure themselves or people close to you.

Jeanne Rusetskaya

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