Media War

Our homeland is fighting for 2-fronts. One — the military, the second — the ideological. Moscow uses its large media and advocacy force to justify military intervention in and present their version of events.
Since the conflict began on August 7 Georgia represented as a brutal act of Moscow pressure on sovereign countries. But Russian bureaucrats and behold the media is different. According to them, Moscow conducts humanitarian operation in order to save the inhabitants of Ossetian civilians from destruction, which are Georgian forces.
English Kremlin-controlled satellite channel Russia today, uses the coverage of events, words such as genocide, destruction. The same rhetoric and the representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
Medvedev: "The forms in which the act occurred Georgian side to the other as genocide can not be called, as they have acquired a mass character and were targeted against individuals, the civilian population, peacekeepers, who were making their peacekeeping role. At the same time those the data that we get, indicate, that atrocities were committed hardest. People were killed, burned, crushed by tanks, cut throat. "
Russian commissioner Human Rights Vladimir Lukin, even offered to organize an international court to punish those responsible for the destruction in South Ossetia.
"Who is responsible for the total destruction of cities, villages? Who gave the appropriate orders and who produced it? Fully need very harsh international level to deal with this problem, find those responsible and bring those responsible for the legitimate international court. "
Russian TV channels transliruyuts constantly shelled buildings, the wounded civilian inhabitants, and tears kids in South Ossetia. If there are no pictures from this Russian forces bombard Mountains or prymestsi Tbilisi.
Journalists Russian pro-government channel "Vesti" they say that Georgia is the first country invaded South Ossetia and is responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe. That’s the title of the current pro-Kremlin "Russian newspaper" — "The Georgian authorities are responsible for the death of innocent people in South Ossetia." "Izvestia" wrote: "Moscow may apply to the court in The Hague international tribunal or Human Rights Strasbourg to investigate the deaths of its citizens. "
Incremented by the Metropolitan Police patrols who shall inspect the documents of foreigners. There is fear that the repeated anti-Georgian company that gripped Russia in the 2006th. Russian political analyst Fyodor Lukyanov
"Although some of this kind of conflict affect the political situation, stimulating jingoistic mood. It is very frustrating, especially since we have a very unhappy experience of a two-year-old anti-Georgian campaign. When the military conflict there will be injected as I think, Russian management should take the greatest measures in order to prevent the inside of the country’s anti-Georgian any speeches. "

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