Milinkevich appealed to Lukashenko: the reaction of politicians

According views Milinkevich, the time came when old approaches no longer work. "We need to overcome the recent split in Belarusian society. Best form for this is the dialogue" — the politician wrote in an open letter to Alexander Lukashenko.
Milinkevich also gave an interview to "Reuters", saying: "If the power of the reforms began, I am willing to assist her to involve European resources."
Managing the press service of the President Paul Light familiar with these materials:
Easy: "Milinkevich exactly such a powerful, which can seriously assist the authorities?"
I replied that this question not to me, and in turn asked a friend, gets whether an open letter to the head of the opposition politician of the country?
Light: "I do not know, I’m the head of the country did not ask, he has the letter or not. Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to ask him about it. And to speculate on what may be his reaction, as can be seen, I least, is not authorized. "
Member of the Supreme Council of XII convocation Victor Alampiev appeal Milinkevich calls "policy step":
Alampiev: "You can not waver in that if the power went to fulfill the requirements of society euro (as explained in the appeal Milinkevich), then Milinkevich would be able to solve many problems in favor of Belarus. But expect that power release political prisoners and restore activity-independent media» in full volume and other conditions are met, while impossible. Only Her Majesty’s economy forcing authorities to find a way. But it will be slightly later. "
Member of the House of Representatives Anatoly Krasutski build in a letter of opposition politician "strong PR move":
Krasutski: "It’s opportunistic decision. Milinkevich enjoyed the situation in Belarus’ relations with Russia and the likelihood of exposure in the European direction. I do not think a letter from him may be severe consequences. But this step to getting political dividends."
Playwright and journalist, last mass protest organizer Nikolai Khalezin states that such an appeal has no prospect:
Khalezin: "On my eyes, this stupid letter calls. I do not know these dictators, who would go on liberal reforms. Everyone mentions only 1st Pinochet. But there wasand a completely different scene, the what happened. Because I think, none of this will not appeal. Those arrests, which were yesterday, the day before yesterday and are all These days are, suggest that nothing has changed. And no mitigation will not dictate. "

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