MINISTER U.S. Navy to Congress PRIORITIES navies

MINISTER U.S. Navy to Congress PRIORITIES navies

March 25 Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus U.S. (Ray Mabus, pictured) said that the country needs a navy that can operate in continuous and excellent both in peacetime and in wartime, reports website of the Ministry of Defense. He made this statement on the speech to Congress, presenting the draft budget for 2015 Navy money year.

«Whether it’s a battle with the enemy of the highest class, asymmetric danger or humanitarian needs, the United States Navy in at least some day ready and are located in at least some of the crisis and are ready for what ever eventuality. Our potential adversaries should know that we are never far away from them, «said the minister. Only in the past year, the U.S. Navy operated throughout the Pacific Ocean, struck at Afghanistan, American military power projected from the Gulf of Guinea to the Arctic Circle, said Mabus.

The Minister noted that the criteria for reductions in military spending is very fundamentally true values ​​set in the development of the Navy. In his view, it is impossible to cut wages and Mariners Marines for being in the naval campaigns, because it is «almost certainly affect the quality of their work.» Together, the minister agreed with the statement that the growth of benefits and compensation reflects badly on other articles of the military budget.

Mabus said the U.S. Navy as before tend to have a fleet of 300 ships. «We have the most modern in the world of warships and aircraft, quality is important, but, in general, as well as quantity,» said the minister.

Minister braked separately on the importance of other fuels to ensure energy independence of the United States, including the armed forces, especially the Navy. «With various, measured incoming fuels from American manufacturers, we make our armed forces more efficient. From sail to coal, from oil to nuclear energy, and now other types of fuel — here is a list of energy innovations Navy, «said the minister. After the end of the second World War, security and stability on the planet provided by the U.S. Navy’s direct presence in various parts of the world that assist to keep the foundation of the world economy, convinced Mabus.

Navy aims to provide sailors and marines best instrument, machinery and equipment, training aids and other tools necessary to fulfill their highest mission, which is waiting for their men in United States, said the minister. Navy and Marine Corps are always at the forefront of deployment to protect U.S. interests and ensure peace. «It was right 238 years ago, and it’s right at the moment, it will be right in the future,» concluded his speech Secretary of the Navy.

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