Minsk protect against breach of contract

According to Ambassador Surikov, question gas prices has to get in a day or agenda scheduled for August 14 meeting of the heads of government of Belarus and Russia. On the days of the first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko said that in connection with the change of events must either break the old contract to supply Russian gas, or supplement it. This contract defines the price formula for Russian gas until 2011. Now salting Alexander Surikov gave an answer to such statements:
"Apparently, when the Ministry of Economy of Belarus considers the likely cost, and you can imagine that she apparently falls for 200 bucks, it starts all sorts of thoughts in my head that this formula is ugly. But the contract is signed. Breaking the contract is very safe, because there is no other gas supplier. "
Salting noted that negotiations on price adjustment formula has not yet been conducted. And it’s hard to say whether it will agree to the Russian side, because the contract is signed:
"But there is not a bad world and tested out. And Belarus is on the right track. She has published a list of companies that Grow Joint Stock. Counterweight and severe price increases can be severe energoelementy zaluchenne foreign investment, including Russian ".
Salting noted that Russian investors very seriously increase its presence in Belarus. Eg decision corporatization of Minsk Automobile naypravdapadobney role Russian KAMAZ. He also did not rule out that "Transneft" may be interested in the pipeline "Friendship":
"Leads to some positive arguments recently posted a list of the corporatization of Belarusian companies. This is not privatization, to be honest. Indeed enterprises still have to undergo an audit, consulting business. Shareholding — privatization is not yet."
Even during the premiere meeting of both countries can discuss the Russian loan. Also sire Surikov does not exclude that they will affect the single currency and the theme:
"For the first half-year turnover between Belarus and Russia has doubled imbalances and deficits Belarus was about 6 billion dollars. Balance of Payments of Belarus is compounded and may be the beginning of any negotiations for the unity currency to reset the balance of payments at the junction of Belarus and Russia. Obstacles do not see here in the constitution. It’s all words. EU live without a constitution and with a single currency. And all are independent and sovereign. "Tags: contract, Surikov, gas

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