Minsk will be days of Tadeusz Kantor

Director and painter Tadeusz Kantor staged performances almost without words, in most cases with non-professional actors in Kraków theater "Krykot-2." Genre own showed he called "krykatazham" in honor of the theater.
The project at the Academy of Arts will showcase videos 3 performances of the director — "Wielopole, Wielopole", "dead class," "I’ll never come back." In addition, included in the program from the lecture of Dr. Krzysztof Plesnyarovicha, who led the museum Tadeusz Kantor "Krykateka" creativity and Documentation Center director in Krakow. K.Plesnyarovich — books created "Theatre of Tadeusz Kantor perdition", "Theatre inhuman forms", "Models of modern theatrical art" and other.

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