Minsk will long remain silent?

Tsigankov"It will be obliged to official Minsk right for Russia to recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia? Currently many they say that, that virtually Alexander Lukashenko virtually no choice in the matter. How do you feel? "
Akopov"I think that Lukashenka has driven itself into a corner by their actions in foreign policy that come in the wake of. Chances that official Minsk behave without the help of others in this situation — strongly enough. And most likely, South Ossetia and Abkhazia will Belarus recognized directly in Russia. "
Tsigankov"When did the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, the official Minsk silent long enough, and even sounded" Shout "Russian Ambassador Surikov. Now we litsezreem same — Minsk still silent.’s Got a long pause as?"
Akopov"This delay indicates only that Lukashenko wants bargain prices energoelementy appropriate that our homeland treated here more complacent. Generally recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia for Lukashenko will not cause any difficulties, because he had already met with the leaders of these republics. no no formal obstacles. This is pretty even turn to Lukashenko, when he will come up in the wake of Russian politics. "
Tsigankov"If this recognition still happen — what impact it will have on the interests of the state? What is the effect on business with Russia and the West?"
Akopov"Naturally, afterdstviya will be the most bad, it is not in the public interest of the country. Acts of the Russian Federation contrary to UN resolutions, the Helsinki Agreement. If you support such acts, which would then country was not — in other words to support the destruction of the international order. Accordingly, before the West will apply. How can still refer to the fact that a country is violating international law? "

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