Modernized Su-24M «Hephaestus» are armed with three parts of the Air Force military districts

Modernized Su-24M
Moscow. May 5. Airports — Wartime bombers Su-24M, upgraded relating to development activities (R & D) «Metronome» development of «Hephaestus and T» are armed with Russian Air Force flying units 3 military districts, said «AviaPort» CEO Alexander Panin.

According to him, the combatant bombers Su-24M «Hephaestus» are in service in the flight of the Central, Western and Southern military districts. Modernisation of the Su-24M is in order, and the aircraft repair plants. In accordance with the state defense order for 2012 also provides for modernization of the Su-24M front-line «Hephaestus.» It is expected that in the following years, the modernization of the Su-24M «Hephaestus» will continue.

CEO said that modernization of combatant bombers Su-24M and lasts conducted on the basis of 2-development work: «Hussar» Sukhoi and «Metronome» company «Hephaestus and T». Modernization on «Hussar» was held and ended upgrading bombers Su-24M 2-squadrons (operated in East military environment), modernization on «Metronome» lasts. A.Panin refused to name the number of upgraded aircraft, but noted that «refers to the framework of the 10 machines.»

He also said «AviaPort» that conducted flight tests to assess the ability of information exchange between the UAV and upgraded on «Metronome» development of «Hephaestus» Su-24M bombers, and this possibility is proved. Currently, the scientific-research work on the upcoming abilities improve the exchange of information between manned and unmanned aircraft.

Not counting the closure on OCD «Metronome» and role in the modernization of serial bombers Su-24M, the company «Hephaestus and T» upgraded one bomber Tu-22M3. All work on the modernization of the Tu-22M3 in the first car were made at the expense of the developer SVP-24. The basis for the modernization of «bead number 37» became a special computing subsystem SVP-24, originally developed for upgrading combat aircraft Su-24M. The crew of the Tu-22M3 was the ability to automatically exchange data with other aircraft and ground control — the ability to automatic control, including retargeting strike groups in real time. Brand new sighting system tested during combat training flight crews of strategic bombers. «The tests of the modernized aircraft found very successful, and there are plans to upgrade to the 2020 part of the fleet of Tu-22M3» — said the CEO.

According to him, the developer upgrading Tu-22M3 will be determined by competition, which should hold the Defense Ministry, and the company «Hephaestus and T» accept a role in the planned competition.

Modernized aircraft equipped special computing subsystem SVP-24. Newcomer subsystem allows application point strikes on ground targets in adverse weather conditions. It is specifically designed to integrate managed satellite-guided munitions, and consists of a complex avionics and ground training complex automatic control and flight tasks linked by a single special software. In SVP-24 is implemented encompassing information processing given the huge number of factors that influence the accuracy of navigation and combat deployment, especially when maneuvering the aircraft.

SVP-24 entered service in 2008 and to this day is the standard. SVP-24 system is applicable to combat the introduction of all available and promising range of instruments, including managed. Base system SVP-24 has to be modified for the use of media types — combat aircraft, helicopters. So the system SVP-24 allows you to install it on the aircraft L-39, MiG-27, Su-24, Tu-22M3, helicopters of Ka-50/52.

With the modernization of the Su-24M of the aircraft cabin and equipment have not changed. Substitution shall be only blocks sighting and navigation system, and the new units are produced in the smallest dimension, but with the same seating and connectors that allows completion of aircraft in combat units by TEP.

Initially, the Air Force cool reception to the development of «Hephaestus and T». But in 1999, the enthusiasm for modernization of the Su-24MK showed the Algerian Air Force. Under Algeria passed tests Su-24M with an incomplete set of SVP-24, because here the main contractor has made designer of the aircraft. The test results met the Algerian Air Force and began operation in 2001 to finish the Su-24MK in the Air Force in this country. Algeria gained aircraft with the latest version of software, because operation was accompanied by representatives of the developer SVP-24. Yet, for the Russian Air Force has been modernized several Su-24M with the installation of SVP-24. In 2004 and 2005. Su-24M «Hephaestus» worked brilliantly on the teachings of the CIS states «Limit». Air Force conducted an analysis of the Su-24M with SVP-24 in experimental operation, first in 2005 and SVP-24 equipment recommended for adoption to supply the Russian Air Force. Yet another milestone in the protracted history of the Su-24M «Hephaestus» began in 2008 — in October SVP-24 system officially adopted the Armed Forces.

Dmitry Kozlov
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